CfC Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2022 Updated

Computers for Charities 27th February 2023

I am sorry for the late update regarding last year’s Ukraine & Christmas Shoebox appeal. However once again would thank you for the support provided.

December 2022 marked 30 years since undertaking this annual appeal. Back then it was directly in response to the war in Bosnia. However from that start, numerous organisations took up the torch to mirror this sentiment. Blessing millions of vulnerable and disadvantaged people across the world.

I understand Shoeboxes have been distributed to over 100 countries over this period and the number of shoeboxes donated. Must be millions.

Last year proved especially hectic for Computers for Charities. Not only in supporting its ongoing services and support, but also embracing the war in Ukraine.

To this end, I undertook three different runs out to Eastern Europe. Clocked up over 15,000 miles and also experiences. Needless to say by the end of the year, totally washed out as well.

But it’s a new year and a new start, as preparations take shape for this year’s Christmas run and also responding to whatever need s present themselves.

However whilst issues present themselves in our own country, difficulties are widespread for many in differing ways and different places.

My assumption of the Ukraine situation, is sadly not for a quick solution or even resolution. Likewise the same will be said for Turkey & Syria plus 52 other countries across the world suffering conflict in varying ways. Thank you.

Closing date for this year’s Shoebox collection: Friday 18th November 2023.

Well done


Simon Rooksby

Computers for Charities

Once again thank you for your support of Computers for Charities Christmas shoebox appeal. Thus far my travels have covered 1700 miles to Romania & Bulgaria. Grateful thanks to Pastor Levi and aiding with taking some of the items to Chernivsti in the Ukraine for distribution.

And now here in Shumen, Bulgaria with Pastor Rodney Johnson and “Life through Christ Church” to benefit the disabled children attending Novi Pazzar school and many in dire poverty across this region.  Thank you for providing hope & encouragement to these people through this simple gift. Thanks to the dear ladies in Bulgaria with aiding the unloading process…

Happy 2023 to you all from Computers for Charities. Thank you for your support of our Christmas Shoebox appeal. With Shoeboxes distributed to the Homeless, Foodbanks and tomorrow I leave for Eastern Europe with the next load. 2022 was a bumper year with amazing support from people like you. And a great encourager to those at the other end.

Support in all forms is valued and needed for all our communities.

Here in Sussex help us with our goal to Safeguard the future for the Link Coffee Shop in Hailsham and also seeking more Organisations and church groups to sign up for our Community Computer Tune up days.

CfC may well be coming to a town near you, offering a free check over and tune up of your laptop or desktop.

Organisations / Churches wishing to host a day.

Please get in touch.

Email: or call me on the road: 07941122020.

It will be great to hear from you. Simon, Computers for Charities

Help Needed!

Help needed at our Eastbourne workshop to Organise, Sort & Pack. Christmas Shoeboxes / Gift Bags, In date medication, Knitted Goods, Food Stuffs.

If anyone is able to help out. Please give me a call: 07941122020 or email: Time scale is over the next two weeks.

Many thanks


Simon Rooksby

Computers for Charities  

Let us Remember Them” – Rudyard Kipling 1897

Computers for Charities Christmas Shoebox Appeal. 30 years on. Brayford Villagers in North Devon have supported our appeal for more years than can I can recall. Always on Remembrance Sunday.

The Christmas Shoebox concept born from the 1991 war in Croatia war, NOT taking life but offering Hope.

Brayford with a population of 200 people rise gallantly to the challenge year on year out. Remembering those lost in the past, whilst aiding others with the future. 107 boxes collected in this remote area.

Plus such generous financial support to make it happen. Well done people of Brayford

CfC Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Well done and thank to Pat & all at The Good Shepherd Church, Wolverhampton. Tina & the crew at Hailsham Knit & Natter, Kevin & all Soul Survivor.

It’s absolutely great and will provide so much encouragement to those at the bottom end.

Closing date for boxes / gift bags 18th November 2022

Need information. Please give me a call at Computers for Charities. Tel: 01323 848588 or email:

Thank you. Simon

Computers for Charities Christmas Shoebox appeal got underway this weekend. Thanks to the continuing generosity of the good folk of Lowhill in Wolverhampton.

Many years back, they turned the tide from Shoeboxes to gift bags.. And this year yet again, The Good Shepherd Church, Lowhill have come up trumps.

The photo dates back to 2007. Sadly many faces have passed on. Including my dear Pa who passed away this year.

Well done Lowhill people and thank your such longstanding support & Love.


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