Donate Working Laptops

Working Laptops are Urgently needed to enable UK Charities & othersto keep operating during the current Corona Virus crisis.

Computers for Charities is receiving increasing enquiries for support and as with our supermarkets. Our stocks are perilously low. Windows / Apple Laptops i3 or better are urgently required to enable these organisations to maintain vital support to the Vulnerable & disadvantaged of our communities as more and more people face home working, etc.

If your organisation, company or individual can help. Please check our website

Call: 01323 848588 or email:

Thank you. Simon Rooksby

Chairman of Trustees

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Corona Virus – A thought

Corona Virus seems to have taken over the worlds attention, however amidst the panic and fear spread from social media it is important to keep things in perspective, follow sensible guidelines and if possible take notice of the positive aspects

If you have to “self-isolate” then use the time to do things you are normally too busy to appreciate. Read a book (the Bible is a good place to start), listen to music, finish a project you started, get to know your friends and family better, spend time talking to others, enjoy the sunshine and signs of spring that are all around you.

Let’s also be aware of our neighbours, especially the vulnerable, who may need extra support at the moment or may be feeling lonely or anxious. Pick up the phone and check in with them

Please don’t panic buy or stockpile. Many people can’t afford to do this and so when they need basic supplies the shelves are empty.

At Computers for Charities we will be carrying on as normal. Praying for those who are ill, for the health care workers who are dealing with this and our government officials, with wisdom for decisions making.

CfC is offering practical support where practible. If you would like us to pray for you or you need practical help, please get in touch.

ETEjVBcXkAEodJg“ For the many Christians around the world, We put our trust in the God who created the universe and whose love is never ending”



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Erasmus – EU Work Experience

Erasmus is an EU program enabling students in European colleges to gain cultural & work experience in other EU countries for varying periods or weeks to months.

Asbastos feb 2020Computers for Charities has been privilged to participate for many years. Sadly prior to Brexit French & German colleges decided to seek other countries and partners.

But praise remains for the Spanish and Asbastos College in Valencia as the program continues for another two years.

In March we welcome more students from Valencia and trust others will also wish to seek such a golden opportunity. Plus for us, a day in the Sunshine is always welcome. Thank you Asbastos

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Free Computer Hardware Training Course – Eastbourne, East Sussex

Free Computer Hardware Course.

8 day training course in Computer Hardware, Repair and Refurbishment in Eastbourne.

Are you interested in reskilling? Possibly unemployed or disabled, maybe retired. Limited places are available for this part time course.

diploma course mOne day a week over 8 weeks at Computers for Charities, Eastbourne workshop.

Interested, send us your CV’s email: or call. 01323 848588.

Closing date for applications. 28th February 5pm and Yes it is free of charge. A certifcate of attendance will be presented to all, completing the course

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Remembering Mary

Remembering Mary. Not many will be familiar witth the name Mary Saunders. Mary passed away 9th January after struggling with a debilitating condition called Ataxia. Marys life is being celebrated Friday 31st January 4pm at Eastbourne Crematorium and all are welcome to attend.

Few will have heard of East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre and the amazing support that Mary and John Leonard developed back in 1993 to increase awareness of deafness and hearing loss to sufferers and families across Sussex and further afield.

Mary on way to Fram lo resMary also deafened, unassuming touched people and lives. She will be missed.

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Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year to you all. A late update on our Shoebox appeal. Again many thanks for all the support.
Sadly 2019 was the last year for our Sprinter Van to make such journeys. 4000 miles this time around. So a newer replacement is now needed.
But again amazing the reception in all the countries visited. Children and Adults in many places from schools to hospitals have benefitted from such generosity,

Well done from us all at Computers for Charities and futher afield… Plus Congratulations to my Dad & Mum. Wedded 65 years today!

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On the Road – Happy Christmas

Computers for Charities is still on the road with it’s annual Christmas shoebox appeal. Happy Christmas to all and great to see such amazing support being provided to the poor and vulnerable. As with FAF in Romania providing food parcels and more.. Tomorrow we head to Serbia and then can make the return trip to Englands green and pleasant lands



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