Celebration of a Life:

Brian Gauntlett 1934 – 2020. Today 23rd September 2020  people will gather at Wealden Crematorium to celebrate the life of Brian Gauntlett, who sadly took his life 6th August at Birling Gap Cliffs, Sussex.

Suffering from inoperable cancer and experiencing increasing extreme pain. To Brian seemingly this appeared his only option left. This final journey began in December 2019. Despite attending Boots Opticians regularly for years, they never advised him of cataracts. Hence it was thanks to Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Elalfy, that firstly he was made aware of severe cataracts and also referred for a scan which detected a substantial and growing tumour behind his eye, hence his pain.

Combined with emotional loss of Kath his wife, married for 61 years who passed away in 2019 after a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease, these last years have been a struggle for Brian and Kath. A devoted couple.

Computers for Charities mourns the loss and remains saddened for Brian’s life to end in this way. Sadly despite calls for help over weeks and months, it proved to be too little too late and we trust lessons will be learnt from this tragic situation.

However Brian lived a life, National Service with the RAF took him to Singapore. 21 years as a Metropolitan Police Officer  provided exemplary service to the people of Deptford and surrounding areas.

Two sons and grandchildren are left, plus the invaluable contributions he has made in Hailsham over these past years.

Not bad for a young lad starting in life as a plumbers apprentice back then. When people bathed in tin baths and plumbers apprentices would mend the holes….Certainly not a throw away society as today.

He will be missed and we say thank you. For all you have given to us all in differing ways.

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Journeys End…

Journeys End; It’s good to be back, how long. That’s another question? Why do we do it & wants in it for you.

It’s all about making a difference in whatever way, and surely is it not better to give than receive.

Often it is not until you move out of your comfort zone that you are able to see the bigger and truer picture. It is not necessary to travel thousands of miles to far off, developing countries.

Need and benefit can be provided on your own door stop. Did you know, many people in Eastern Europe lack running water, electricity and access to medical assistance….. In the UK and other Western European countries, certainly we remain fortunate. For many, they no other way.

So I ask. Please do not complain about inconvenience at this time. Try not to take for granted what we actually have….. It’s a whole lot more than the world majority.

So yes, hopefully with your support for the Computers for Charities, Christmas Shoebox Appeal to benefit children and the Elderly.. We will be back on the road locally and across Europe in December..

Thank you


Simon Rooksby – Chairman CfC


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Looking for……..

CfC is needing a working or easy repair 125cc Scooter / Motorbike for Bulgaria. Can you help or ask around.

We will take it out in December, with shoeboxes, etc.

Many thanks.

Please give me a call or email. Simon Tel: +44 01323 848588 or email: simon@computersforcharities.org

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Sad News

We have received sad news regarding the unexpected death of one of our longest serving volunteers.

Brian Gauntlet has been one of our main stays for decades. Last year his wife Kath passed away, having been cared for by Brian for many years when suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

Earlier this year Brian was diagnosed with inoperable melanoma. A massive tumour lodged behind his eye and brain, causing great pain and varied symptoms. It remains both a shock and surprise to us all.

61 years of marriage, 86 years old and has been a fighter. He will be missed and a loss to many.

Hence it is skates on and heading back to Sussex. Last night well accommodated at Ellel Ministries East base on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary.

Thanks to Tamas & Angela Kovacs plus two great daughters. Picture is Tamas of course and their miracle child. Plus view from the front of their base across the lake and the village yonder… Very peaceful and idyllic. Thank you

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Silver Lining

Please forgive the typo from the other day. Apologies to Rod & Nina Johnson.

Thanks now to 3 skilled pastors in Romania but not Romanian. 2 Hungarians and 1 Canadian.

I leave it to you to work out which is which. But left to right are Pastors Arti, Levi, Rufus involved with FAF supporting families, etc.

Well done and thanks for your amazing asistance in getting me back on the road. Cluj to Budapest today….. Simon


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Coming Home

1700 miles travelled thus far and now having reached Bulgaria. Time for the return journey. Wheel chair swing delivered and other support to organisations and churches along the route.

Again well done to all for your support. And again now time to prepare for this years Christmas Shoebox appeal.

The photo shows the director at Novi Pazar school for disabled children. Rod & Nina Johnston, Pastors at EPC church in Shumen. Also as you can see, our mini bus has grown. Thanks to Rod & Nina.


nice little restoration job for Geoff & Kip, CfC volunteers on the return.

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Back On the Road

I guess the guys at Ashburnham felt their old mini bus was beyond repair. Hence CfC stepped in and aided with a replacement.

When their old 2006 vehicle was delivered to us, it had seen better days whilst totally unroadworthy. We like  a challenge and I believe most of our Volunteers had some involvement along the line in getting it back on the road. Including Pippa and steam cleaning the 15 seats, etc.

Currently I am on the buses first proper journey and have made it to Regensburg, Bavaria, whilst  en route to Budapest, Hungary. Cuj, Romania. Shumen, Bulgaria. Temperatures have soared, despite driving a vehicle restricted to 60mph / 110kmh it has done well.

COVID in Europe, you may ask. Eurotunnel at Folkestone was brimming with UK families with young children off on their holidays. France, Belgium, Holland, Germany are countries I passed through and observed.

An impression remains of UK throughout. Traffic and people in abundance, folk enjoying  leisure and shopping. Who can tell?… I just scratch my head trying  to sum it up.

Meanwhile:  Well done and thanks to Geoff & Kipp, finishing the wheelchair swing for the kids in Bulgaria.

Thanks also to “Knit & Natter” Hailsham, The Good Shepherd Church, Wolverhampton, Marian, Saltburn by the sea and many others in providing items to take on this journey to benefit  folk.

RegensbergThat good is being passed on, and also to where it is needed. Thank you and well done. Simon

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A Near Catrostophe

A near catastrophe. 3rd August was witness to a near tragedy at Computers for Charities. For 3 years, we have asked a neighbouring company of the need for better storage for its materials. But NO. the workers are told to stack higher, closer with the result yesterday it all came down.

It could have been your child! or our volunteers in that place, at that time who was crushed and a life lost or permanent injury due to profit. Gods grace was evident yesterday, sadly just the Computers for Charities that copped it.

I implore anyone, do not let such things happen, speak up and out. And reduce opportunities for further tragedies to happen. In the UK we are fortunate to have bodies such as the Health & Safety Executive… Speak to them.

Elsewhere this just is not possible. It’s not just Black Lives that Matter, but all Life that is precious.

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MiniBus SOS

Mini Bus SOS. Some folk fix Cars, in the last year this is our 2nd Mini Bus restoration project. Yes. It’s not just Computers with CfC.

Mini Bus No1 we gave away to another organisation in need. Yes gave away. Free. No 2 has taken 4 months to get to this stage (Driveable). And is leaving Friday 7th August on it’s maiden trip, to Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria. Our Volunteers will be glad to have a break. But well done Guys and Girls with this one..

This vehicle was a wreck. But thanks also to Rossetts Commercials Eastbourne, Diplocks Fuel Injection Services Hailsham, Blackboys Service Station Eason Green, Hendy Renault Eastbourne, Auto Gearbox Specialist Hailsham, (even though it’s a manual), John Kimble Graphic Design Hailsham, Chili Graphics Firle & finally eBay. Just the cup holder to sort out now and of course drive it. Well done and thank you all.

It’s been a big job but not in vain, many will benefit from this.

PS: Also we are still needing working laptops, capable of Windows 10 operation, and whilst only just entering into August amidst an upside down world grappling with Corona Virus. In response to request, we are collecting and will distribute Christmas shoeboxes to benefit vulnerable Children and the Elderly. So please get in touch if you can help.

Many thanks. Simon

Simon Rooksby

Please email: simon@computersforcharities.org or Tel: +44 01323 848588 and Finally. Closing date for our paid part time administrators post is 14th August. CV applications welcomed. Email: admin@computersforcharities.org 


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25 years

It is welcome from Belfast Northern Ireland, and has only taken 25 years to get this part of the world. Meeting and talking

with local organisations. And a warm welcome has been received. Thank you all.

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