20 plus years On

20 Years since becoming a registered charity and well done and thank you to our hardy team of Volunteers, plus those that support the various projects. Thanks also for the many messages after hitting the big 60 on the 6th. They took me out to lunch…. Thank you IMG_0948 lo

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Megger Event

Megger EventSo many rules and regulations these days. One which affects our work and support is Portable Appliance Testing and ensuring the electrical safety of all equipment we provide. Hence it was a joy to welcome Simon Searle from Megger to run a PAT training day at our workshop and also open the doors to other local charities, Churches and Voluntary organisations. Thanks also to Megger for the generous donation of a PAT tester…. Which is one of many products Megger manufactures. Thank you

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Thank You

Many thanks to Chandlers BMW Portslade for the use of this magnificent machine over the past weeks. Sadly got to give it back but it’s been a great help with our work and joy. RT 1200

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Shame of the Nation

30 hours spent trying to contact the council regarding a court summons my dad recieved from them. I never did get through. Telephone costs were £203.40p, let alone the time spent in resolving this issue. It should not be like this, however it is not isolated and is effecting all levels of government support and services. 20 years of continued imposed savings to Prisons, NHS, Schools and the list goes on, are already affecting the vulnerable and disadvantaged and need to be addressed. Forget Brexit there are matters close to home that need addressing and properly. My friend Pete, an approved Social worker remains suspended since December, fully pay and expenses and is desperate to have his hearing and get back to work… The staff in all places are doing their best, but without the resources the whole system collapses. I know with the council and all these places, the workload is the issue and needs to be addressed…. Our churches need to speak out and remind the world that people come before Mammon..Photo0107

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Politics.. Why does it have to be so hard?

Computers for Charities daily recieves requests for advice, support from across the UK and Worldwide. By far the most enquiries come from Uganda. In an article by the New York Times, it was quoted that 95% of resources donated to developing nations was in essence junk. As a consquence Uganda is one of several countries prohibiting the importation of used electrical equipment, including computers. CfC has sought to open dialogue for exceptional circumstances with a number of world leaders, including Uganda to permit access for education, medical and NGO’s. Sadly with Nil response as with our recent correspondence to President Museveni and the Minister of Education Mrs Museveni. Other countries as with Ukraine or Albania, the issue is different and relates to import duties, etc which also compounds the support that CfC can provide to aid the need and vision of such dedicated people in such countries to make a different. Sadly organisations such as CfC operate totally through the support of amazing volunteers, is unfunded and certainly unable to incurr the massive costs that such polices create.

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Sending Computers Out….


Computers bound for Africa from Computers for Charities. Many thanks for the support with screens and computers for this project. Well done to Robertto one of our Erasmus students from Espana. CfC is back to full running and yes Christmas Shoeboxes will be welcomed this year… Thank you all. Simon

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Near Miss

They say the bulk of car accidents happen within 5 minutes of your home. How about 10 seconds for a near miss…. Following behind an articulated lorry just seconds from the Cemetery Gates where I live, there sound of an almighty Crack was heard as the top of the Lorry hit a tree. Brakes went on as the branch in the photo fell to the ground, narrowly missing coming through the windscreen and covered the width of the road…… All I can say is well done to the Cardiologists and Surgeons at Brightons Royal Sussex County Hospital for doing a great job on my recent heart overhall and of course the Almighty….. An No the Lorry driver did not stop!lo res 190418

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