Knitting Sensation

Certainly Computers for Charities is not just about Computers. It’s all about people and helping in different ways. Our Christmas shoebox appeal is one such thing, and there is still time to get them in. But also there is much more… Hence it is a big well done to local knitting group Hailsham Knit & Natter… Not just at Christmas but throughout the year this group that meets at Maryan Court, Hailsham. Monday 2 – 4pm produces literally vanloads of knitted items to help the less fortunate. Hot water bottle covers for the homeless, Blankets, Children Clothing.. They are just miraculous.

And just this week we have collected a Van load of goodies to be passed onto needy people. Thank you and well done. Oh by the way… It is not just for the ladies, yes men are welcome too. Double Knit and Chunky wool supplies are needed. Got any spare, please send it in… Well done and thank you.

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Seaford Oasis Fellowship

Seaford Oasis Fellowship. Well done and thank you for supporting this years. CfC Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Which will benefit disadvantaged Children, Elderly and homeless.

More Shoeboxes or Gift bags are needed for all ages.. If you can help. Please get in touch. Call: 01323 848588 or email Pippa. Thank you oasis seaford 291019

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CfC Christmas Shoeboxes Underway

CfC Christmas Shoebox appeal gets underway. Well done and thanks to The Good Shepherd Church, Lowhill & The Grange Ladies Fellowship, Uckfield….. More to follow. But please if you wish to support we need to get it all in by 29th November. Many thanks and well done to all. Simon


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Thank You

25 years and a big thank you to all that have supported. Companies with donations IT equipment and much more, Amazing Volunteers and plenty of good causes.

It was a privilege to have visitors yesterday 24th October East Sussex High Sheriff Mrs Hancock, Eastbourne Deputy Mayor Councillor Sammy Choudhury, Hailsham Mayor Councillor Paul Holbrook. Trustees past and present including our founding trustee Revered Roger Porthouse, our great Volunteers and of course local organisations. Particularly helpful  as we seek to understand local need.

Kingdom Way Trust and Breakaway Agency being just two of the organisations attending to adviseVisit 251019 of support and services being provided locally.

Well done and thank you to all.. Until the next time!

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Thursday 24th October

Thursday 24th October 10 – 3pm. Computers for Charities, Eastbourne Workshop Open day. Celebrating 25 years support to the community Sussex High Sheriff Mrs Hancock & Eastbourne / Hailsham Mayors attending. All Charities & Organisations welcome. 23 Hawthorn Road, Eastbourne, BN23 6QAHawthorn 221019

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25 Years On

25 Years On. Computers for Charities celebrates 25 years of service and support to the community next Thursday 24th October. Mrs Violet Hancock, High Sheriff of Sussex and Eastbourne / Hailsham Mayor attending.

We offer a big invitation to local organisations and churches to attend and let us know how we can help the locality further. Matthew 25 assisting local homeless, Speak Out from Brighton, Hope Woodworking are just some of organisation that will be available to share their stories.

Hope to see you there. 23 Hawthorn Road, Eastbourne, BN23 6QA. More information available. Call: 01323 848588 or email:   mayor

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Schools Shoebox Experience

Computers for Charities is opening it’s doors to Primary Schools and Youth groups over  to the weeks ahead to offer a hands on experience of the Christmas Shoebox appeal to young peopleSchools shoebox support.
Computers for Charities has been supporting, collecting and distributing the Christmas Shoebox since 1992.
The shoebox began as a response to provide encouragement and hope during the Bosnian conflict in 1990 and since has grown into an annual international phenomena.
Computers for Charities distributes to local projects assisting disadvantaged children and the elderly and further afield, including old folks homes, hospitals and orphanages in Eastern Europe.
Simon Rooksby – says: It is hoped by providing this experience to local children, it will provide a wider understanding of social issues in our communities, whilst also assisting, checking and packing shoe boxes and seeing where needs are, and why!
We remain encouraged by the interest from local schools in wanting to support the shoebox experience at the charities workshop in Eastbourne.
Computers for Charities welcomes further requests from Schools, Youth groups, etc. Please call: 01323 848588 or email Pippa.
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