Computers for Charities Update

Bulgaria. Congratulations to Rod & Nina Johnson – 53 year married.

Hailsham. Thanks to Knit & Natter with even more knitted goods. Donations of wool to keep them going are welcome.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal is Underway.. Well done to Ruth rallying support on Shetland. (Good luck with this one!)

Noo Dan Fokk, 

I wiz in da shop on da street buying peerie bars o soap fur my Mam tae takk tae Wastview . (She his made up aboot 20 peerie bags for da shoebox appeal an its no even August yit!) 

 I spakk tae da lasses about shampoo bars as we ken dat dey are such a great idea. 

Quar needs a dis plastic trash? 

Da lasses said dey wide ‘be comin shun’ . 

Lang lippened!!! 

Is der onny chance at you widd think to do wan o dis ‘ buy wan, gi wan’ schemes? 

It wid be winderful if fokk could supply da Lerrik Foodbank wi a scheme likk dat and we keyn at dey last much longer as yun trash bottles! 

If you widd likk tae tink about it and you did get more shampoo or soap as fokk could uus at hame;  we widd be affil blyde to takk some oot tae Bulgaria at Christmas time quar da fokk dunna hae da sam as we it want wi.

Let Wiz keyn quitt your tochts ir?

Tanks tae you an every blissin


Support: But yes we need your support to encourage the children with Cancer in Romania, handicapped children at Novi Pazar in Bulgaria. Long term patients suffering chronic Mental Health in Serbia and the elderly both in UK & Overseas.

Churches, Clubs, Individuals, Companies we would love to hear from you.. Many thanks.


Simon Rooksby – Computers for Charities

Website or email: Admin Tel: 01323 848588

Registered Charity No: 1107802

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A Spanish Welcome

BREXIT has come and gone. However links remain with the EU Erasmus Program.

Computers for Charities welcomes Adrian, Fran, Jonathan from IES Asbastos, Valencia and the sun swept Mediterranean to rain swept Eastbourne, Sussex for 3 months

Welcome to the best of British

Computers for Charities provides Intern & work experience opportunities at its main workshop in Eastbourne. Contact us for more information.

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More Good News

Networking is good and provides real benefits in the Charity world as with the recent dental equipment manoeuvres.  

Sorry for the delay in getting our 2020 Christmas Shoebox Update prepared, but the last year and months in particular have been frantic.

So here we are hot off the press… and of course we hope and trust people will wish to support the 2021 Christmas Shoebox appeal. Thank you to all who have supported over the years and well done. Also the staff and children at Novi Pazar provide a big thumbs up!

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Working together part 2

More Dental equipment going from Shetland to Africa. Thanks again to Northward Transport and Bananabox Trust, Dundee. Health care here in the UK & Western World, possibly we take for granted. Dental care in many places is not accessible.

Back in 2017, I spent 3 months in Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital due to a tooth infection. Two heart valves replaced, ruptured spleen needing removing and all from a tooth. For me, I owe my life and thanks to all at the Royal Sussex. Thank you.

Plus, do you live near Eastbourne. Have time to spare. We need more Volunteers at the workshop, including part time Admin assistant 20 hours per week.

Please get in touch.

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Working Together Makes good things Happen

Working together is the only way.

Computers for Charities handles a wide variety of enquiries and many nothing to do with computers.

Organisations worldwide with needs and likewise folk wanting to do good.

Some months ago an email from Edwin Moar in Shetland enquired as to relocating dentistry equipment after dental surgeries in Shetland had gone through an updating process.

Job done and possibly for the first time in local history.

People in Burkina Faso have now received the equipment to get started…

But only made possible by help..Northwards Ltd of Shetland providing the transportation free of charge from Shetland to Leicester, Feed the Hungry Leicester shipping to the places of need.

4 Dentist chairs on this occasion.. shortly more to follow to other countries.

Thank you and well done

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On the move

Despite Lockdown CfC has been on the go throughout the COVID period as demand for support went through the roof….

And continues. Monday 26th April Simon is back on the road to Eastern Europe and then IES Asbastos College Valencia, Spain. #

Regardless of BREXIT. Erasmus the EU program providing work experience opportunities for EU students in other countries continues…..    

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Unique Britain

Not just words but actions. Britain has many unique qualities.. Which includes our charitable nature.

Throughout this COVID period, numerous organisations across the country and their dedicated volunteers have given time, skills to support the vulnerable & disadvantaged within our communities and further afield.

CfC is no exception and like the others provided full time support and assistance locally, nationally and overseas.

Sadly there will be many organisations unable to reopen their doors, jobs lost and vital support irretrievable due to severe financial losses. And for the rest of us still standing our continued existence remains in the balance without continued support.

The recent BBC Make a difference Appeal enabled thousands of children to gain access to a computer during the schools closure…. Equipment valued at several hundreds of thousands of pounds donated… But despite this, it costs and for us, 1500 laptops made available to our countries children was at a cost of £75,000 to prepare and send out.

So please bare a thought for your local charities and continue to encourage and support those seeking to make a difference.

Not just words but actions….. Well done to all of you hidden Heroes….

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Action not Words

Saving the planet is all well and good. However to do this, we need support to have the tools for the job.

All of us must take responsibility in this…

Computers for Charities needs solid financial support for the purchase of a commercial plastic granulator. Without support the rot from plastic waste continues.

Companies / Individuals help us reach the target at Crowd Funder. 13 days to run on this one.

Let’s see Action, not Words!.

Thank you. Simon Rooksby. Chairman Computers for Charities  

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Help us to Recycle Plastic Waste & Protect our Environment

Globalists, Environmentalists have told us. Plastics are poisoning our world.

Sussex charity, Computers for Charities is one of the guilty party but seeking to change that.

Chairman – Simon Rooksby says.

Reuse is a good thing and since 1994, the charity has stopped literally1000’s tonnes becoming immediate waste, through reuse. However a time come for all things.

That time is end of life!

The most problematic factor for CfC has been Plastics. Computers screens, laptop cases, etc. But the charity wants to change this, and launches it’s appeal through crowd funder.

Starting, Midday April 1st to raise funds for the purchase of a plastic granulator. Not cheap. £30,000 but the return alone, is a start on reducing plastic waste which currently goes into landfill.

Not biodegradable, leaching our soil and polluting our water table.

Simon says. The charity wants to get it right, but we need help and support. There has been no funding or support to enable this..

We know because we have tried for so many years.

In addition it is hoped purchase of this machinery will provide sheltered employment & training opportunities locally then aid roll out of similar projects further afield.

Why landfill? Because companies won’t take it. They demand processed raw plastic for reuse. Which is granulated plastic processed into pellet format.

It’s a start and folk can help make a difference by supporting this initiative through the Crowd Funder web page.


For more information or to support. Contact Simon. Tel: 01323 848588 email: web

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CfC Latest Update Hot of the Press

Computers for UK Schools, Dental Chairs to Sierra Leone and the list goes on.

Our latest update is here and your support very welcome.

Thank you.


Simon Rooksby

Computers for Charities

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