Rescue / Survival Boxes

Hats off to Mimecast in London for sending us 150 Rescue Boxes for us to distribute to aid the homeless in the UK.

Beachy Head Eastbourne once represented the world’s 3rd most popular location for suicide.

Since the introduction of the Beachy Head Chaplaincy team. Numbers of suicide deaths have dramatically dropped, with numerous lives saved. But more importantly people and families provided with the help required. Well done and thank you.

Many folk arrive at Beachy Head from all over and often with nothing. These Rescue Boxes provide further tools for the Chaplaincy team to use, as they walk the cliffs 365 days per year and in all weathers.

For any other organisations involved with support of the homeless. And would like a quantity of Rescue boxes. Which contain an emergency pack of toiletries, etc.

Highest suicide levels are recorded as Greenland, followed by Europe. Lowest Eastern Mediterranean!


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End of the Old & Start of the New

Computers for Charities Volunteers are having a welcome break until 10th January, after another yet another busy and hectic year.

Supporting needs far & wide. But its not over just yet. Our last load of Christmas shoeboxes leaves a little late. Bound for Romania, Bulgaria & Serbia. This Wednesday 29th December in time for the Orthodox Christmas January 7th.

Many thanks to all those that have supported. Especially all those at ZF Automotive UK Ltd as all have also lost their jobs with the company closure. Thank you also to Mimecast in London. 150 Rescue boxes supplied to hand out to people living on the streets.

And of course thank you to the many companies big & small that continue to donate good quality working computer equipment. It has been phenomenal.

British Car Auctions are just one such company. Thus far donating over 1000 working and up to date Desktops, Towers & Laptops so far.

Thank you all and well done.


Simon Rooksby – Chairman Computers for Charities

Ps.. Needless to say. Without your support. All the benefits gained by communities & Organisations worldwide since 1994 would not have been possible.

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A Right to Life

On Friday 26th November Dad reached the grand age of 91. On the same day, both he and Mum were discharged from Lewisham Hospital after an admission for falls then testing positive for COVID.

The upshot on their return home, both found to be suffering from dehydration, impacted due to severe constipation and skin broken down.

Then later found in addition to have oral thrush, and now weeks later is still not eating or drinking.

It was a frantic week, following their return to adapt their home and get the services required by both my folks & carers to aid them. As no preparation or organisation had been made. A typical Friday discharge.

All of this leaves me speechless as to what has changed within our NHS to allow such treatment of the elderly and disadvantaged and remains tantamount to neglect.

Certainly for myself and fellow nursing colleagues difficult to grasp.

Tomorrow 22nd December is the closing date for the proposed Scottish bill regarding assisted suicide.

Having heard countless tales across the UK of similar experiences to ours of loved ones in hospitals and care homes, not just during this COVID time. It would appear an unsaid assisted suicide of the elderly & vulnerable has been ongoing for longer than we realise and ask the question WHY?

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Vacancy: Admin Assistant Part Time

Vacancy: Admin assistant. Organisation: Computers for Charities. Location: Eastbourne. Hours: 20. Application

Closing date 30th November. Seeking person with good people & communication skills.

For full job description. Email: or call. Tel: 01323 848588

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Course Reminder

Reminder: Closing date for applications to our Free Computer Refurbishment Course Tuesday 30th November. Being run in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Email: for application form. Organisations interested in running this 5 week part time course. Please get in touch.

Part time Admin assistant post based in Eastbourne. Closing date 30th November. Email for job description or send us your CV. Tel: 01323 848588 for information or informal visit of our workshop.   

Many thanks


Simon Rooksby

Chairman – Computers for Charities  

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CfC Christmas Shoebox Appeal Underway

Computers for Charities Christmas Shoebox appeal got underway this weekend. Thanks to the continuing generosity of the good folk of Lowhill in Wolverhampton.

Many years back, they turned the tide from Shoeboxes to gift bags.. And this year yet again, The Good Shepherd Church, Lowhill have come up trumps.

The photo dates back to 2007. Sadly many faces have passed on. However if you look closely at the rear right. You get a glimpse of my dear old Pa. 91 on 26th November.

Well done Lowhill people and thank your such longstanding support & Love.


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Reskilling our Communities

Computers for Charities is providing a certificated Level 2 standard Computer refurbishment training course.

To be held in Eastbourne for local people seeking to reskill. This course developed by CfC, requires a commitment to attend 10 sessions, 2 days per week over 5 weeks.

Spaces are limited with a deadline for applications of 30th November 2021.

For more information, including application form. Email: or Tel: 01323 848588.

This first course is offered without charge. Disability access is limited, however no age limit

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Supporting the Voluntary Sector Low Cost IT

Computers for Charities. Operating since 1994 a charity aiding Charities and Voluntary Organisations across the UK & Worldwide.

Free advice and support we offer to organisations and low cost computer equipment. All funds raised to aiding the wider voluntary sector.

Some examples of our low cost equipment, complete with full software and warranty or check the website.

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Charities are part of a strong British Heritage dating back to 597AD.

Now more than ever Charities & Voluntary Organisation are desperate for Volunteers. Yes Volunteers, people of all ages & abilities wanting to give something back or possibly wanting to develop new skills.

Computers for Charities based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Is just one of those? COVID being just one factor to reduce many organisations ability to fully function.

Here at our workshop, I certainly would welcome more assistance our workshops to aid the many organisations we assist locally, nationally and internationally not just with computers but a whole range of support.

As with our forthcoming Christmas Shoebox appeal. Or admin assistant to share the load in the office.

Training is available where required. Commitment is open ended with flexibility always in mind. Regardless of your age or ability.

Please consider giving CfC a hand, give me a call Simon Tel 01323 848588 Monday to Friday or email. and help us make a difference.

Thank you. Simon

Simon Rooksby Chairman Computers for Charities

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Thanks and well done to Fran & Jonathan from Asbastos College Valencia during there Ersamus experience with Computers for Charities.

Their clip is in Spanish.

But people may recognise places / people in their film

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