Coming Home

1700 miles travelled thus far and now having reached Bulgaria. Time for the return journey. Wheel chair swing delivered and other support to organisations and churches along the route.

Again well done to all for your support. And again now time to prepare for this years Christmas Shoebox appeal.

The photo shows the director at Novi Pazar school for disabled children. Rod & Nina Johnston, Pastors at EPC church in Shumen. Also as you can see, our mini bus has grown. Thanks to Rod & Nina.


nice little restoration job for Geoff & Kip, CfC volunteers on the return.

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Back On the Road

I guess the guys at Ashburnham felt their old mini bus was beyond repair. Hence CfC stepped in and aided with a replacement.

When their old 2006 vehicle was delivered to us, it had seen better days whilst totally unroadworthy. We like  a challenge and I believe most of our Volunteers had some involvement along the line in getting it back on the road. Including Pippa and steam cleaning the 15 seats, etc.

Currently I am on the buses first proper journey and have made it to Regensburg, Bavaria, whilst  en route to Budapest, Hungary. Cuj, Romania. Shumen, Bulgaria. Temperatures have soared, despite driving a vehicle restricted to 60mph / 110kmh it has done well.

COVID in Europe, you may ask. Eurotunnel at Folkestone was brimming with UK families with young children off on their holidays. France, Belgium, Holland, Germany are countries I passed through and observed.

An impression remains of UK throughout. Traffic and people in abundance, folk enjoying  leisure and shopping. Who can tell?… I just scratch my head trying  to sum it up.

Meanwhile:  Well done and thanks to Geoff & Kipp, finishing the wheelchair swing for the kids in Bulgaria.

Thanks also to “Knit & Natter” Hailsham, The Good Shepherd Church, Wolverhampton, Marian, Saltburn by the sea and many others in providing items to take on this journey to benefit  folk.

RegensbergThat good is being passed on, and also to where it is needed. Thank you and well done. Simon

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A Near Catrostophe

A near catastrophe. 3rd August was witness to a near tragedy at Computers for Charities. For 3 years, we have asked a neighbouring company of the need for better storage for its materials. But NO. the workers are told to stack higher, closer with the result yesterday it all came down.

It could have been your child! or our volunteers in that place, at that time who was crushed and a life lost or permanent injury due to profit. Gods grace was evident yesterday, sadly just the Computers for Charities that copped it.

I implore anyone, do not let such things happen, speak up and out. And reduce opportunities for further tragedies to happen. In the UK we are fortunate to have bodies such as the Health & Safety Executive… Speak to them.

Elsewhere this just is not possible. It’s not just Black Lives that Matter, but all Life that is precious.

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MiniBus SOS

Mini Bus SOS. Some folk fix Cars, in the last year this is our 2nd Mini Bus restoration project. Yes. It’s not just Computers with CfC.

Mini Bus No1 we gave away to another organisation in need. Yes gave away. Free. No 2 has taken 4 months to get to this stage (Driveable). And is leaving Friday 7th August on it’s maiden trip, to Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria. Our Volunteers will be glad to have a break. But well done Guys and Girls with this one..

This vehicle was a wreck. But thanks also to Rossetts Commercials Eastbourne, Diplocks Fuel Injection Services Hailsham, Blackboys Service Station Eason Green, Hendy Renault Eastbourne, Auto Gearbox Specialist Hailsham, (even though it’s a manual), John Kimble Graphic Design Hailsham, Chili Graphics Firle & finally eBay. Just the cup holder to sort out now and of course drive it. Well done and thank you all.

It’s been a big job but not in vain, many will benefit from this.

PS: Also we are still needing working laptops, capable of Windows 10 operation, and whilst only just entering into August amidst an upside down world grappling with Corona Virus. In response to request, we are collecting and will distribute Christmas shoeboxes to benefit vulnerable Children and the Elderly. So please get in touch if you can help.

Many thanks. Simon

Simon Rooksby

Please email: or Tel: +44 01323 848588 and Finally. Closing date for our paid part time administrators post is 14th August. CV applications welcomed. Email: 


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25 years

It is welcome from Belfast Northern Ireland, and has only taken 25 years to get this part of the world. Meeting and talking

with local organisations. And a warm welcome has been received. Thank you all.

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Administrator / PA Post

Vacancy: Administrator / PA – Eastbourne

Starting 20hrs PW @ £10ph (Skills dependent) 20 days leave (pro rata) Assisting the Chairman with daily running of 3 organisations. Computers for Charities, Recycling for Charities & Recycling for Charities Trading Ltd.

An exciting whilst challenging position. Not just a job, but the opportunity to make a difference and improve lives, Locally, Nationally & Worldwide.

Deadline for CV applications extended: Friday 14th August 2020

For information & job description call Simon or emailcfc_newlogo_outlined_single: 01323 848588 or email:


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More Thank You’s

Computers for Charities Thank you.

Just the other week it was Toyota Industrial and Midac Batteries. And now as we make plans for this years Christmas Shoebox Appeal to assist disadvantaged Children and the Elderly.

A thank you to the media for their support over the last weeks. Lots of negative news, but I am pleased to say within all this. Much positive and much to give thank for, so whilst an inconvenience for some.. It is just for a time.

I did hear someone comparing Lock down to World War II experiences, which made me scratch my head.

I think it’s 8 weeks for most of us, but memory recalls World War II was 1939 – 1945 and the aftermath including rationing continued a lot longer… But fair play.

Christmas Shoeboxes, I know it’s early but please keep us in mind. Thank you

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Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity: Administrator / PA initially 20 hours. 20 days leave + bank holidays pro rata.
Computers for Charities is seeking an administrator / PA to assist the chairman. Eastbourne, East Sussex based.
To the suitable candidate, this position provides a great opportunity for personal and professional development whilst challenging and diverse.
Suitable applicants require; Good people and communication skills, organisational ability and aptitude for initiative. UK full driving licence is essential, valid passport desirable.
Computers for Charities, Recycling for Charities, Recycling for Charities Trading ltd are interconnected.
Whilst Computers remain a part of the charities work. People remain the focus of the charities ethos within the charities Eastbourne workshop, locally, Nationally, Worldwide. To that end the charity remains open to all.
The organisations are Christian based, but seeks the most suitable candidate for this position, regardless of Race, Sex or Age.
Previous applicants are also welcome to apply
Closing date for applications: Friday 19th June. Further information. Please call. Simon Rooksby – Chairman Tel: 01323 848588 or email: Website:
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Toyota & Midac Batteries to the rescue

People and Companies are amazing and have certainly been invaluable to aiding Computers for Charities. From donations of computers, vehicles and equipment to do the job.

Many years Toyota donated a Pallet lifter which has revolutionised safety and ability to get equipment and aid packed and loaded. Problems occured over the past weeks and certainly it is a big thank you again to Matt Troyland at Toyota and Midac Batteries for getting us up and running again.

Thanks Andy Putner for doing the job.. Calls and enquiries are just flooding in at this time for support… Now we can get back on the Job.. Great stuff and it does make a difference.

Plus we still need working Laptops.. Can you help?

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Lest we forget

Lest we forget. As we spare a thought, certainly it is hats off to all the services keeping this country running, especially at this time.

Our NHS is doing a great job but has done so since its inception in 1948 and how different times were back then. But it is much more, our posties, refuse collectors, shop workers, Lorry drivers, Electric, Gas and the list goes on.. Well done to you all and thank you.

But the other side behind all this and Covid are the unseen, the Vulnerable, lonely, isolated and disadvantaged being supported by an army of volunteers, unnoticed and tirelessly helping to underpin the lost in our society in different ways.

Churches, Charities, Voluntary Organisations and faith groups. Currently call centres such as the Samaritans, UCB, Premier Radio are overwhelmed from the demand of folk crying out in desperation. Thank you to such people giving of themselves and without reward.

Computers for Charities also remains fortunate over many years to have solid support. Not just fixing old computers, but a wide range of skills and personalities. Some come for a short time and some as Brian, 15 years. Kath his wife only a year ago, Parkinson’s disease did not end her life but vulnerability did. Brian cared and supported Kath throughout their 60+ years of marriage, whilst giving his time to aid others. Just a few years back he received an award as Volunteer of the year. Which for Brian, was a real encouragement.

Sadly Brian will not be with us for much longer, as is the way. What was to be a simple cataract op, changed to inoperable, terminal cancer and is the way at present. The telephone consultation, then told days or weeks and left to ponder such news.

Please bare a thought not just for Brian as he reviews his life of 86 years, but much wider. Around us are other people, families, friends also facing a wide range of issues and not knowing where or who to turn, let us value what we have. For we are fortunate indeed.

PS.. Copy of letter published in Computer Active Magazine last week. To Brian, we say THANK YOU and well done. Good and faithful servant!

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