Boiling Point

Boiling Point…. What on earth is going on within the UK. Food Bank requests are on the rise, roads and congestion getting worse. 7.5 Billion pounds a year are the estimates for lost revenue from congestion and now another charge in London for driving. 5 hour waits at Casualty, GP surgeries clogged.. A staggering recorded 1.5 million pounds per year lost from the NHS from fraud, and probably nearer to 10 and then echoed throughout the whole public sector of Police, Education, Local Government, Prisons, etc equated to nearer 100 billion pounds lining other peoples pockets rather than the intended.

Police are frustrated as they do not prosecute, it remains the domain of the Crown Prosecution service with only 10% of cases actually facing prosecution. The list goes on, retention in most of the services remains at it’s lowest and as yesterday speaking with two Police officers, services and people feel let down and at breaking point. Mental Health issues now and pressurise all the services, health, police and prisons which after two decades of austerity speak for themselves.

Such is a time, that State and Church are needed to heal a wounded Nation and it’s peoples, hence at this Easter time. May this be a turning point for all!

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In Praise of Our Police Officers

Hendon 040319It was a privilege to attend London’s Metropolitan Police Academy this week. Observing commendations being awarded to officers of the CASO Unit (Child Abuse and Sexual Offences) Having recently been acquainted with victims of a recent court case It was humbling to see the other side and meet these dedicated folk endeavouring to bring restoration to damaged lives, and as such providing a ray of hope and encouragement to the many other who have suffered in the past or recently to have the confidence to break away from the hurt or shame and speak out. In the same vain I applaud organisations as with Women’s Aid and all organisations that support not just women, but also men and children experiencing physical, emotional and mental abuse. is one such case and this women in protecting her family and home is more than commendable.. However as a consequence of this case. Many in Shetland have come forward to seek help and recover lives and futures. Sadly, for Shetland Women’s Aid, funding is being cut at a time when increased investment is urgently needed, especially amongst an island culture” A comment I recieved was “the Past is the Past”.. Sadly not true, and especially in later life likely to get worse… Hence I urge and encourage anyone living with such experiences.. You do not have to live with this on your own, a brighter future is possible. Plus also.. Lets give thanks for our Police Officers.. Thank you


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2018 Shoebox Appeal Updated

Once again. Computers for Charities would wish to thank everyone with their support for our 2018 Christmas Shoebox Appeal. The support and reception proved simply amazing.. Thank you all for making 2018 possible. Well done. Simon

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90% of Small Charities…

Sadly It remains no surprise that 90% of small and medium sized charities fail to undertake any or limited computer maintenance due to the limitations of skills and time, so a recent survey reveals. So what you ask? Ever wonder why all those updates keep coming down from Windows, Apple, Firefox, Antivirus and all those other programmes we utilise….Or think about the effects on the running of your computers & devices… Just think of Gorgonzola cheese and that about sums it up. Slow running, error messages and the rest.. Technology despite the claims of the adverts, is as “life”, Computers require Nurture, Time & Care to be truly trouble free! Windows-10-logo-300x300

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Stay or Go?

Antivirus Protection for computers and now mobile phones is a given thing today… But certainly far from straightforward. Computers for Charities for many years has been proud to install and supply, it’s refurbished equipment with AVG antivirus protection…. AVG and Avast, by the way are the same company! Today I received an email from a supplier; Quote “Just so you are aware, we have been having loads of problems with AVG and are ceasing to supply it from today!”

So the question I would ask AVG. What is going wrong?, Why are you so out of touch with the front end user.. Being the Customer in making these products so technical.. Indeed the product is good and we like it, but sadly as over the last weeks, with yet another issue to combat and frankly no help from the manufacturer. This time not being able to register the product, with the knock on of not being able to send equipment out to the many good, worthy and needy causes we aid and support, presumably from programming bugs…So for Computers for Charities.. What do we do AVG.. Stay or Go? avg logo

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Sunshine & Oranges

Sunshine and Oranges describes Valencia onlt too well this weekend. And of course the home of the genuine Paella! Erasmus is one good thing to come from the European Union. An educational program that funds and permits opportunities for students within EU countries to improve language and cultural skills through work experience opportunities. To which Computers for Charities has supported for many years, with links to colleges in Spain, France and Germany. Asbastos College in Valencia to my mind is remarkable and a joy to support, plus provide opportunities for their students to come to Eastbourne and gain work experiences for periods ranging from 4 – 12 weeks…Asbastos is seeking new placements with companies and charities.. So possibly if you want to participate. Please get in touch, regardless of the Brexit!

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Welcome Home

Welcome home: Wednesday 8th February proved a great day, with the return of our Mercedes Sprinter Van straight into our local Mercedes garage, Rossetts Commercials. Following it’s breakdown in Austria on 29th January, plus all the up’s and down’s that followed. Thank you so much to the Automobile Association for it’s support and generosity in bringing it home.. Needless to say, it’s annual MOT had expired, and failed the test. So not back on the road, just yet! 20121212-070954.jpg

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