Christmas shoebox Appeal since 1992…

Collecting and Distributing Christmas Shoeboxes for the elderly and children in the UK and Overseas, since 1992!

Much has changed over these past years from its origin to provide encouragement and hope for those people caught up in the conflict of the Bosnian War. But has grown, been adopted by countless organisations to become a worldwide operation.

Enquiries to support this year’s appeal have now been rolling in for the past few weeks, hence this update.

Your support therefore, even just sharing what we do to friends, colleagues would as always be most welcome in making a memorable Christmas for a disabled child or Older person experiencing poverty.

As with previous years, the needs remain the same, standard shoe size boxes (not boots please) or gift bags  Children from Babies to Teenagers and the Elderly Male and Female. Indate medicines including items such as dressings, incontinence pads, nappies for children warm clothing children & adults, blankets, etc would be welcome. And any In date medication..

Thank you so much


For more information: Call Simon: Tel: 01323 848588 or email:  Registered Charity No: 1107802


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