About CfC

Computers for Charities was one of those thoughts that refused to go away. It stemmed from a life altering experience gained in 1992.

Then assisting with humanitarian aid distribution in war torn Bosnia. This experience provided a wake up call and reminder, that our time, lives also are short, unpredictable. Plus appreciating the preciousness of life and those around us hanging by such a delicate thread.

So lets not waste what we have and put it to good usage!

This bizarre thought crystallized, beginning a new hobby of computer repair in 1994. Initially operating from a cramped loft in a bungalow and growing into sheds, garages, barns and today an established pioneering International organisation offering advice to governments, Charities, Churches and NGO’S alike worldwide.

A simple concept and a simple solution then to the practice of consigning millions of UK Computers for landfill each year. A real waste when good can be gained through reuse.

Originally CfC only supported UK Charities and Voluntary organisations with IT support and advice including refurbished computer equipment. However the intervening years have seen change and CfC has adapted, grown and diversified totally in response from invitation, rather than seeking needy or good causes to assist. Then responding to actual rather than perceived need of people, groups or organisations in a variety of ways.

“African Schools on Line” our educational ICT program is one such example.

This program described by The Department for International Development (DFID) “as a hands on, grass level approach organisation developing projects that have relevance and are one of the few that actually work”

My professional background comes from Psychiatry not I.T and may appear mismatched; some may view CfC as a computer nirvana whereas my personal ethos and Vision remains focused on People and Empowerment, viewing computers solely as tools.

So the essence of aiding development, be it education, skills or standing side by side is a heart felt process not a binary process!

Back in 1994 It was impossible to foresee that Computers for Charities would develop to this extent, that you see on this website. Which at the end of the day only represents a small part of a growing Vision. A vision that has thus far touched continents and more importantly lives. This does not happen over night; it takes time, commitment, life changes and perseverance to stay the course.

It remains humbling and a privilege to have experienced the range of cultures and such diverse issues. From developing Prison workshops in the UK to experiencing the poverty and hardship faced in the African bush or slum areas of Mumbai. To this end continued support from Companies in providing equipment and sponsorship or the solid varied expertise gained from Volunteer support is paramount.

It is thanks to readers like you that major inroads have been achieved during our very short history. For me though frustration continues on a daily occurrence, so much need, limited resources and so much to do, plus time is short! Don’t waste it.. Get on

Please contact us here

Simon Rooksby

Founder of Computers for Charities

Thank you


Simon Rooksby

Chairman / Founder – Computers for Charities

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