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chandlers 2019

An anonymous donation in 2009 provided the unexpected arrival of a 1994 BMW R1100RS motorcycle.

This donation added a new chapter to CfC’s work & support, including wider access to Organisations across the UK and as far as Eastern Europe. Facilitating initial contact with Charities, Schools, Orphanages, etc. That bike covered 100,000 miles prior to its demise

The old bike called Brian, travelled the length and breadth of the UK and across Europe. Including Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and more…….

  • Support from Motorrad UK & Chandlers BMW Brighton have provided invaluable support.

They Say Lightning doesn’t strike twice! …..

  • Thursday 15th November 2018 remains a memorable day in Brighton, an accident by a 4 x 4 pulling out of a side turning making Brian a write off.

It seemed that was that and the end of a chapter, given the insurance offer of just £1000!

Remarkably without publicity made of this fact. A second anonymous donor came forward and provided a fully kitted BMW R1200RT motorbike as shown above

  • Then March 29th March 2019 strike two. Knocked off on a dual carriageway, when a driver instantly decided to change lanes. Once again in the Brighton area and the second write off!.

But thanks to Markerstudy Insurance. The bike returned onto the road in September 2019. Then 6000 miles covered, visiting projects throughout Europe and all is well!

  • Ongoing support is welcomed: Financial to cover costs, Services, Skills or Equipment to aid varying projects & support within the UK and Overseas.

Appeal: Project African Schools requires a different type of motorbike to cope with the challenging African terrain

Visiting Schools & Organisations Across Africa, from West to East, then South to South Africa… 10,000 Miles in all.

Plus raising needed  funds for the Sussex Heart Charity and meeting educational Ministers in countries to view educational needs for these children…..

Sponsorship and  Support is Needed to make this happen! Can you help?

More information is available from Computers for Charities. Tel: 01323 848588 or email:  Website:   Facebook: Computers for Charities


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