Charities are part of a strong British Heritage dating back to 597AD.

Now more than ever Charities & Voluntary Organisation are desperate for Volunteers. Yes Volunteers, people of all ages & abilities wanting to give something back or possibly wanting to develop new skills.

Computers for Charities based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Is just one of those? COVID being just one factor to reduce many organisations ability to fully function.

Here at our workshop, I certainly would welcome more assistance our workshops to aid the many organisations we assist locally, nationally and internationally not just with computers but a whole range of support.

As with our forthcoming Christmas Shoebox appeal. Or admin assistant to share the load in the office.

Training is available where required. Commitment is open ended with flexibility always in mind. Regardless of your age or ability.

Please consider giving CfC a hand, give me a call Simon Tel 01323 848588 Monday to Friday or email. simon@computersforcharities.org and help us make a difference.

Thank you. Simon

Simon Rooksby Chairman Computers for Charities

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