Moving On!

Loss is very much an individual matter, different things affect us all in different ways. I remain surprised and maybe we all do, that often it is not until you lose someone or something that the full magnitude strikes. In the pictures here, all have had effect for and on me, over the years. Family, our dog called small dog the runt of the litter and amazing little creature until she was knocked down.. and of course who would get het up about a machine. It was surprise to me also, 100,000 miles journeyed together over the past years… But we have to move on, and that is the tough bit, but when we do. Then we grow!

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Coming Home

Coming home. It was 29th December. Imagine waking up and finding yourself in a foreign land, alone and partially paralysed. Many thoughts will go through your head.. But what do you do? That was how it was, in Slovenia. Problems with communication, so the only thing was to get back to the UK and get help.. One way or another.. That was the day just short of the Austrian / German border that our 14 year old 200,000 mile veteran Mercedes Van died.. Ouch. The irony here though is having faith.. I needed medical help, it was freezing and snowing and darkness approaching fast somewhere.. Not knowing as the Sat Nav also was dead.. But trust and faith regardless of the obstructions is paramount.. This was an ordeal and many ways a nightmare that was uncontrollable.. The breakdown could not find us, as I was to find out later the co ordinates were out and it just got colder. So you just have to stand in that place and trust.. Well done to the folk at the KrankenHaus Rotthulmunster for giving me treatment and yes, our NHS here.. We still have something which is more than folk get in other countries.. So please stop knocking it and be thankful for what we have, not what we have not…. The AA European Breakdown cover then tell me, that the Van will not be recovered.. You now have a diagnosis of Bells Palsy, taking steroids for 4 weeks and just 2 hours sleep a night and it’s a question of going somewhere in Austria and driving umpteen 100 miles for home.. Just not possible, even for a crazy like me…But beakthrough and thanks to the Automobile Association CEO, Mr Breakwell. The Van is finally coming home and free of charge.. Talk of blessings… It’s a miracle. Thank you and also all those who helped along the way Van

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The Day the Mayor Visited

The day the Eastbourne Mayor came to visit, It was great to receive a visit from the Eastbourne Mayor Mrs Mattock at our Eastbourne workshop… The normal comment at such visits and expectation we find from folk is “ Surprise” We did not know what to expect and the scale of support provided, and again this was no exception.

2019 represents 25 years of support, locally, Nationally and Worldwide and as at the start remains the same. Unfunded and supported totally through the commitment of amazing Volunteers & Trustees, giving their time, skills and also some even financial support. But believe me, somehow and often a struggle. It all happens and quite often more.. Look at the website and see the journey. Thousands of organisations have been supported. Not just in the UK but over 106 countries worldwide, our vehicles are old and normally breaking down, but cover 1,000’s of miles and it happens.

Well done and thanks to all who assist and support and happy anniversary. Yep, Despite the odds, we are still here and long may it continue. Pioneers then and actually CfC are the ones that started all this recycling thing off… and others as with so many things have followed

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Kobalt Music – Willard Ahdritz CEO

It is thanks to the donations of computers, laptops, desktops that make it possible for Computers for Charities to make things happen for the thousands of charities, schools and churches we support. So it is a big thank you to Kobalt Music in London for the latest batch of amazingness.. Sadly CEO and founder Willard Ahdritz was not able to make the handover.. But sent his stand in, with Clare Ryan… Thank you Clare and Mr Ahdritz for making this possible

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Lets not be distracted or discouraged by the events of the world as it would wish. These dear children at Novi Pazar are beautiful… Whilst some use the word disabled… I say gifted and are some that benefit from the CfC Shoebox appeal. Such things we can affect, lets no forget….

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VideoLog Help wanted


VLOG Help.. Maybe you have seen a TV program called Last Man standing… Part of what he does is a Video Log and to this I would value some help.. If there is anyone can assist me and Computers for Charities with setting up such a thing… To help us advise and raise social awareness and also practical help… We encounter a whole range of issues that people are struggling with or do not know how to approach and as at present following the motorbike accident the ways of insurance companies and finding when that day comes.. that protection is not quite what you thought… Hence we like to share the tale of Carole Nash Insurance.. Banking, health and other areas that might be helpful to viewers.. If you might be able to help with production. Please get in touch. Thank you. Simon

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Broken but not beaten

On the 15th November it was a sad day for the CfC motorbike and today 29th Dec it was time for the CfC Van… 200,000 miles travelled and 13 years carrying Christmas Shoeboxes. And now broken down in Austria, we so nearly crossed the German border…. But not today

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