On the road again….

On the road again…… We know that it has been a difficult year for many globally yet hope can come from small gestures of kindness as well as the big break through. Thanks to the generosity of infant and primary schools, local knitting groups, churches and individuals nationally as well as locally, Computers for charities are in the middle of distributing shoeboxes and rescue boxes to local charities and humanitarian needs within charities in Eastern Europe (travelling to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia and all the challenges it brings with the weather and road conditions). In some of these places many orphanages, homeless, homes for the elderly and schools can be over looked, so this is a practical way as well as a blessing, of giving hope in a box!

To all those who make shoe boxes for many organisations and give to food banks and homeless charities – one act of kindness makes a difference to someone who feels forgotten.

Thank you.

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Informed Decisions

In all things. It remains our responsibility alone to make clear judgements and the right decisions. Sh

ould we choose and make effort, information is available to aid this. Not long ago, Tony Blair former Prime Minister assured Britain’s people of weapons of massed destruction, which cost lives and totally destabilised nation. This information proved to be false.

COVID 19 is not a conspiracy, it does exist and has cost lives. Many people now will be weighing up to have a vaccine, which for some this will be a help.

However it is not the panacea for all viruses, as with Cancer there will be many forms. It is sad, that the same level of investment undertaken here, has not contributed to the reduction of Ebola, Cerebral Maleria, TB, Typhoid. But the thing that has not been said, not all die from contracting COVID.

Annually around 9% of the worlds population contract flu. But not all die.

Using statistics from across Europe, which currently where I am, as I travel across Europe with our annual Christmas Shoebox appeal for children & Elderly. I can give you the figures….

In the United Kingdom of those testing positive for COVID. This represents  0.02575757575% of our population of 66 million people across Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

We all will know people in this position. Those sadly that have died from the condition represent 0.00093081818%

Finally the chances of catching COVID or risk factor remains similar throughout Europe, as with all these statistics at 0.03613764699%.

This is a serious matter, but sadly fear & anxiety have taken root. In part thanks to our media. So take heart and for those with faith. Remember God casts out all fear….

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More than Computers

Computers for Charities. It’s more than Computers, we are Passionate about People!

Many thanks to all those that have supported our Christmas Shoebox appeal. Today well done to the staff & children of Roselands Infant School, Eastbourne. Green Street Green Baptist Church, Orpington & Knit & Natter, Hailsham. Shoeboxes and tonnes of amazing knitted items.

Please send in your surplus Double Knit & Chunky wool leftovers. Plus thanks to Northwards Ltd, Shetland with the transportation of 3 dentist chairs and sterilising equipment to benefit hospitals in Burkina Faso.. And hopefully another 2 dentist chairs bound for Uganda.

This year we will be driving out to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria & Serbia 5th December.

Meanwhile homeless charities have benefitted from blankets & single duvets to aid rough sleepers at this time. All thanks to your support. Well done…

And of course working computers, mainly laptops are needed to aid charities and folk in social isolation. If you can help, please get in touch.

Contact Karen email: admin@computersforcharities.org Tel: +44 01323 848588 website: www.computersforcharities.org

Thanks again to Roselands Infant School, Eastbourne, Knit & Natter, Hailsham & Pastor David Wood and members of Green Street Green Baptist Church, Orpington and of course the many others who have supported in 2020. Thank you

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Christmas Shoebox Update

Computers for Charities. Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2020.

This weekend we offer our thanks to the people, schools and Churches of North Devon, for their continued support. Year after Year.

Brayford and surrounding areas, and of course outstanding direction from Jonathan & Madeleine Brownell of Whitefield. Thank you & Well done.

Time remains to get your Christmas shoeboxes prepared and sent in Or maybe consider making a Rescue Box to benefit the Homeless and street people.

Information available from Karen email: admin@computersforcharities.org Tel: 01323 848588  

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STOP Police

Todays thought is for our Police force. Back in 1955 my mum, newly married lobbied her MP saying; it’s well over time this government improved pay & conditions for its employees. Living in a rat infested flat and only able to afford food for 6 days on her husband’s Police constable earning’s. (Yorkshire my mum!)

Reform came and conditions did improve, not just for Policeman but across the services for a time. Over the last 30 years, various governments have asset stripped these services. Local Police stations closed, actual policing levels reduced. As also with hospital beds, now 50% less. Yesterday I remained speechless at the brazenness and lawlessness of 3 young shoplifters in South London. Then later driving back to Sussex, perplexed to see would be young footballers practicing under the floodlights of outdoor pitches (parents watching from the side-lines?). Whilst  the vulnerable & older population undergoes safe distancing & shielding in combination with lack of service support and of course limited resources.

Possibly a suggestion here for Mr Johnson & Mr Hancock to burn the script and get into the real world?  Then maybe the Police could Police, Nurses could Nurse and so forth!

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Feed the Hungry!

Well done to the many organisations providing varying support in our towns, cities & Villages across the country and Worldwide.

Whilst we remain familiar with Food Banks, etc. However there are more besides undertaking such support in communities. Holy Trinity, Lennard Rd, Beckenham being one providing food for the homeless not just in COVID but 5 years solidly.

Feed the Hungry, Hinckley another amazing group providing local support and worldwide. Hence our visit last week to pass on lovingly knitted blankets for needy folk overseas.

Thanks to dedicated knitters as with Knit & Natter, Hailsham, The Grange, Uckfield and more… Such gifts can be sent to real places of need. And it’s not just blankets or shoeboxes..

What do you do when offered a bank of Dentist chairs and sterilizers? The answer is! Make sure they get to places of benefit.

So thanks to Northward Ltd, Shetland with aiding the transportation. These chairs will get a new life and provide real benefits to hospitals in Burkina Faso and Uganda. Aiding Medaid in Uganda and Feed the Hungry even further…..  

Simply by working together and supporting each other. Look how much more can be achieved! Well done all

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CfC Welcome to Karen

Computers for Charities welcomes Karen in her new the role as Administrator & PA to CfC at the charities base in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

With so many outstanding candidates applying for this part time post, the Trustees certainly had their work cut out in making the final decision.

Well done and now the hard work lies ahead, especially during this current time with increased support being experienced not just by CfC but organisations across the board.

Varying support is needed at CfC and apart from the need of working computer systems, also volunteers including people with IT skills, Christmas Shoeboxes, etc.

Please get in touch if you can help. Call Karen: Tel (+44) 01323 848588 or email: admin@computersforcharities.org

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Rescue in Eynsford, Kent

Eynsford locals have jumped to the rescue of the homeless. Darent Valley Community Church, meet at John Roper School, Eynsford and put out the call for Sussex based charity. Computers for Charities Rescue box appeal, the response was phenomenal.

Simon Rooksby CfC Chairman says. The response from this church and community is staggering in it’s response to social need at this time. Well done and thank you

Computers for Charities operating since 1994. Is not just the organisation that reuses donated computer equipment. Yearly since 1992 it has collected and distributed Christmas Shoe boxes for vulnerable children and the elderly.

This year CfC launched it’s rescue box. Providing a basic survival package for homeless & street people not just at Christmas but all year round.

Cfc works and supports numerous organisations across the UK, including Food Banks, Citizens Advice Bureau’s, etc.

For people & organisations interested in supporting the Rescue Box, Eynsford area. Please drop Adrian Elmes pastor of DVCC an email to DVCC.pastor@outlook.com

or Karen at Computers for Charities. email: admin@computersforcharities.org Tel: 01323 848588 website: www.computersforcharities.org

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COVID Christmas 2020

COVID Christmas Shoeboxes. Despite a global pandemic, it’s well done to all at The Good Shepherd Church, Lowhill, Wolverhampton.

Year after year, no matter what they just get on and get it done… Thank you all, not just for your support of Computers for Charities.

But such amazing love, concern and care for those around you.

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Letter to the Primer Minister

Right Honourable Mr B Johnson

10 Downing St


London SW1A 2AA

23rd October 2020

Dear Prime Minister

“Charity begins at home” is a well known phrase. However many people do not know the entire phrase, which is “But does not end there”!

Britain for centuries has maintained a remarkable history of charity which continues to this day. It was the formation of this countries past welfare policies, principally in the late 1940’s when assuming areas of responsibility for social care, health, education, etc within the state sector. But policy changes from the 1970’s, have seen the U turn by various governments of social responsibility back to the voluntary sector, which seemingly remains largely unrecognised and poorly supported as myriads of people and organisations from Hospices to Food Banks seek to underpin the poor and marginalised within society.

Whilst at this time, we provide credit to you for the governance of this country and it’s peoples. Sadly no recognition or support has been forthcoming to aid particularly the smaller organisations, that have remained active throughout this time. Our reserves now spent, many closing their doors primarily from financial limitations. Whilst it has been interesting to hear of the struggles of actors and many other walks of life. Little appreciation of the size and impact of the voluntary sector within all our communities has been realised.

Support is required urgently. Whether from grants, council tax reductions or even industry as with energy suppliers also displaying charity. It would be a welcome boost, particularly at this time of year as we and many others seek to continue our support to this countries needy.

Your support and that of this government would be valued and appreciated.        

Most respectfully

Simon Rooksby – Founder / Chairman 

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