Administrator / PA Post

Vacancy: Administrator / PA – Eastbourne

Starting 20hrs PW @ £10ph (Skills dependent) 20 days leave (pro rata) Assisting the Chairman with daily running of 3 organisations. Computers for Charities, Recycling for Charities & Recycling for Charities Trading Ltd.

An exciting whilst challenging position. Not just a job, but the opportunity to make a difference and improve lives, Locally, Nationally & Worldwide.

Deadline for CV applications extended: Friday 14th August 2020

For information & job description call Simon or emailcfc_newlogo_outlined_single: 01323 848588 or email:


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More Thank You’s

Computers for Charities Thank you.

Just the other week it was Toyota Industrial and Midac Batteries. And now as we make plans for this years Christmas Shoebox Appeal to assist disadvantaged Children and the Elderly.

A thank you to the media for their support over the last weeks. Lots of negative news, but I am pleased to say within all this. Much positive and much to give thank for, so whilst an inconvenience for some.. It is just for a time.

I did hear someone comparing Lock down to World War II experiences, which made me scratch my head.

I think it’s 8 weeks for most of us, but memory recalls World War II was 1939 – 1945 and the aftermath including rationing continued a lot longer… But fair play.

Christmas Shoeboxes, I know it’s early but please keep us in mind. Thank you

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Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity: Administrator / PA initially 20 hours. 20 days leave + bank holidays pro rata.
Computers for Charities is seeking an administrator / PA to assist the chairman. Eastbourne, East Sussex based.
To the suitable candidate, this position provides a great opportunity for personal and professional development whilst challenging and diverse.
Suitable applicants require; Good people and communication skills, organisational ability and aptitude for initiative. UK full driving licence is essential, valid passport desirable.
Computers for Charities, Recycling for Charities, Recycling for Charities Trading ltd are interconnected.
Whilst Computers remain a part of the charities work. People remain the focus of the charities ethos within the charities Eastbourne workshop, locally, Nationally, Worldwide. To that end the charity remains open to all.
The organisations are Christian based, but seeks the most suitable candidate for this position, regardless of Race, Sex or Age.
Previous applicants are also welcome to apply
Closing date for applications: Friday 19th June. Further information. Please call. Simon Rooksby – Chairman Tel: 01323 848588 or email: Website:
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Toyota & Midac Batteries to the rescue

People and Companies are amazing and have certainly been invaluable to aiding Computers for Charities. From donations of computers, vehicles and equipment to do the job.

Many years Toyota donated a Pallet lifter which has revolutionised safety and ability to get equipment and aid packed and loaded. Problems occured over the past weeks and certainly it is a big thank you again to Matt Troyland at Toyota and Midac Batteries for getting us up and running again.

Thanks Andy Putner for doing the job.. Calls and enquiries are just flooding in at this time for support… Now we can get back on the Job.. Great stuff and it does make a difference.

Plus we still need working Laptops.. Can you help?

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Lest we forget

Lest we forget. As we spare a thought, certainly it is hats off to all the services keeping this country running, especially at this time.

Our NHS is doing a great job but has done so since its inception in 1948 and how different times were back then. But it is much more, our posties, refuse collectors, shop workers, Lorry drivers, Electric, Gas and the list goes on.. Well done to you all and thank you.

But the other side behind all this and Covid are the unseen, the Vulnerable, lonely, isolated and disadvantaged being supported by an army of volunteers, unnoticed and tirelessly helping to underpin the lost in our society in different ways.

Churches, Charities, Voluntary Organisations and faith groups. Currently call centres such as the Samaritans, UCB, Premier Radio are overwhelmed from the demand of folk crying out in desperation. Thank you to such people giving of themselves and without reward.

Computers for Charities also remains fortunate over many years to have solid support. Not just fixing old computers, but a wide range of skills and personalities. Some come for a short time and some as Brian, 15 years. Kath his wife only a year ago, Parkinson’s disease did not end her life but vulnerability did. Brian cared and supported Kath throughout their 60+ years of marriage, whilst giving his time to aid others. Just a few years back he received an award as Volunteer of the year. Which for Brian, was a real encouragement.

Sadly Brian will not be with us for much longer, as is the way. What was to be a simple cataract op, changed to inoperable, terminal cancer and is the way at present. The telephone consultation, then told days or weeks and left to ponder such news.

Please bare a thought not just for Brian as he reviews his life of 86 years, but much wider. Around us are other people, families, friends also facing a wide range of issues and not knowing where or who to turn, let us value what we have. For we are fortunate indeed.

PS.. Copy of letter published in Computer Active Magazine last week. To Brian, we say THANK YOU and well done. Good and faithful servant!

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Creative Thinking!

Going the extra mile. It is great that we are remembering our NHS and all the services keeping us and country ticking along.

This one is different to those with war time experience, given social isolation. However it is good that people, groups have stepped up, put leaflets through doors with that offer of help.

So well done and seeing and recognising the vulnerable within our communities. However what about going that step further.. There will be many around, though wanting help. Just lack the courage or doggedly independent struggle with this… Maybe someone near by needs their grass cut, a lick of paint on the fence..

Maybe you have a skill to be offered or some home bake for that family down the road… Social isolation is with us for a while.. But try creative, spontaneous and think how that will feel for someone else, plus providing the feel good factor whilst filling the days ahead!


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Thank you

I am not sure how you are doing through this current situation. But for me it is quite confusing. Waking up this morning and looking out my back door in Hailsham. It is the quiet that strikes you. Difficult to know what time or even what day it is.

I have a couple of thoughts for you. Often it is not until we lose something that we realise or even appreciate what it’s meaning is for us. Hence it is great that everyone is applauding the NHS. However the NHS is more than doctors and nurses, it takes a lot more skills to make any organisation function..

Is it only now that we fear we might need it, that the appreciation has come and also not just the NHS. Just think even wider now.. How do the systems work, how does the food get to the supermarket, where does it come from. The Police now we see them all around, does not that make you feel peace and safety… Our Postman, Refuse, water and the list goes on. So please give others a thought, whilst isolation is on us.

NHSThere are many making others also making the effort and sacrifice to maintain our comfort and well being. Certainly having worked within the NHS for many decades I do appreciate those that continue the service.. Possibly for those within the service now and for us in the past.. We would have appreciated this encouragement all along. Well done all.

Then think again.. It is quiet. For me as a charity worker, nurse and Pastor I have been privileged to travel and meet cultures and lifestyles. Hence give a thought to those other places which represent 80% of the worlds population. I said how quiet it is, but for others including myself and possibly people living around you. We are familiar with noise. The sound of weeping, distress and the broken hearted in places suffering war, disease and oppression. Let us think of what we have, not what is missing…. Lets understand and appreciate our situation, even the comfort many have, It could be so much worse. And say thank you…..

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Donate Working Laptops

Working Laptops are Urgently needed to enable UK Charities & othersto keep operating during the current Corona Virus crisis.

Please check our Youtube channel Laptop appeal

Computers for Charities is receiving increasing enquiries for support and as with our supermarkets. Our stocks are perilously low. Windows / Apple Laptops i3 or better are urgently required to enable these organisations to maintain vital support to the Vulnerable & disadvantaged of our communities as more and more people face home working, etc.

If your organisation, company or individual can help. Please check our website

Call: 01323 848588 or email:

Thank you. Simon Rooksby

Chairman of Trustees

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Corona Virus – A thought

Corona Virus seems to have taken over the worlds attention, however amidst the panic and fear spread from social media it is important to keep things in perspective, follow sensible guidelines and if possible take notice of the positive aspects

If you have to “self-isolate” then use the time to do things you are normally too busy to appreciate. Read a book (the Bible is a good place to start), listen to music, finish a project you started, get to know your friends and family better, spend time talking to others, enjoy the sunshine and signs of spring that are all around you.

Let’s also be aware of our neighbours, especially the vulnerable, who may need extra support at the moment or may be feeling lonely or anxious. Pick up the phone and check in with them

Please don’t panic buy or stockpile. Many people can’t afford to do this and so when they need basic supplies the shelves are empty.

At Computers for Charities we will be carrying on as normal. Praying for those who are ill, for the health care workers who are dealing with this and our government officials, with wisdom for decisions making.

CfC is offering practical support where practible. If you would like us to pray for you or you need practical help, please get in touch.

ETEjVBcXkAEodJg“ For the many Christians around the world, We put our trust in the God who created the universe and whose love is never ending”



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Erasmus – EU Work Experience

Erasmus is an EU program enabling students in European colleges to gain cultural & work experience in other EU countries for varying periods or weeks to months.

Asbastos feb 2020Computers for Charities has been privilged to participate for many years. Sadly prior to Brexit French & German colleges decided to seek other countries and partners.

But praise remains for the Spanish and Asbastos College in Valencia as the program continues for another two years.

In March we welcome more students from Valencia and trust others will also wish to seek such a golden opportunity. Plus for us, a day in the Sunshine is always welcome. Thank you Asbastos

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