CfC Welcome to Karen

Computers for Charities welcomes Karen in her new the role as Administrator & PA to CfC at the charities base in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

With so many outstanding candidates applying for this part time post, the Trustees certainly had their work cut out in making the final decision.

Well done and now the hard work lies ahead, especially during this current time with increased support being experienced not just by CfC but organisations across the board.

Varying support is needed at CfC and apart from the need of working computer systems, also volunteers including people with IT skills, Christmas Shoeboxes, etc.

Please get in touch if you can help. Call Karen: Tel (+44) 01323 848588 or email:

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Rescue in Eynsford, Kent

Eynsford locals have jumped to the rescue of the homeless. Darent Valley Community Church, meet at John Roper School, Eynsford and put out the call for Sussex based charity. Computers for Charities Rescue box appeal, the response was phenomenal.

Simon Rooksby CfC Chairman says. The response from this church and community is staggering in it’s response to social need at this time. Well done and thank you

Computers for Charities operating since 1994. Is not just the organisation that reuses donated computer equipment. Yearly since 1992 it has collected and distributed Christmas Shoe boxes for vulnerable children and the elderly.

This year CfC launched it’s rescue box. Providing a basic survival package for homeless & street people not just at Christmas but all year round.

Cfc works and supports numerous organisations across the UK, including Food Banks, Citizens Advice Bureau’s, etc.

For people & organisations interested in supporting the Rescue Box, Eynsford area. Please drop Adrian Elmes pastor of DVCC an email to

or Karen at Computers for Charities. email: Tel: 01323 848588 website:

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COVID Christmas 2020

COVID Christmas Shoeboxes. Despite a global pandemic, it’s well done to all at The Good Shepherd Church, Lowhill, Wolverhampton.

Year after year, no matter what they just get on and get it done… Thank you all, not just for your support of Computers for Charities.

But such amazing love, concern and care for those around you.

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Letter to the Primer Minister

Right Honourable Mr B Johnson

10 Downing St


London SW1A 2AA

23rd October 2020

Dear Prime Minister

“Charity begins at home” is a well known phrase. However many people do not know the entire phrase, which is “But does not end there”!

Britain for centuries has maintained a remarkable history of charity which continues to this day. It was the formation of this countries past welfare policies, principally in the late 1940’s when assuming areas of responsibility for social care, health, education, etc within the state sector. But policy changes from the 1970’s, have seen the U turn by various governments of social responsibility back to the voluntary sector, which seemingly remains largely unrecognised and poorly supported as myriads of people and organisations from Hospices to Food Banks seek to underpin the poor and marginalised within society.

Whilst at this time, we provide credit to you for the governance of this country and it’s peoples. Sadly no recognition or support has been forthcoming to aid particularly the smaller organisations, that have remained active throughout this time. Our reserves now spent, many closing their doors primarily from financial limitations. Whilst it has been interesting to hear of the struggles of actors and many other walks of life. Little appreciation of the size and impact of the voluntary sector within all our communities has been realised.

Support is required urgently. Whether from grants, council tax reductions or even industry as with energy suppliers also displaying charity. It would be a welcome boost, particularly at this time of year as we and many others seek to continue our support to this countries needy.

Your support and that of this government would be valued and appreciated.        

Most respectfully

Simon Rooksby – Founder / Chairman 

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Welcome to Rachael

Computers for Charities offers a warm welcome to Rachaël Gonon-Nwaokoro from Orleans, France.

Rachel comes to the UK via the EU educational program Erasmus. As an intern, she will be undertaking a role of project coordinator for CfC in Eastbourne for 3 months, having endured 14 days quarantine on arrival.

Well done Rachael and thank you.

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CfC Christmas Shoebox Updated

Computers for Charities Christmas Shoebox appeal

CfC has Supported, Collected & Distributed Christmas Shoeboxes benefitting Children, the Elderly and Homeless since 1992. This annual event continues only due to people’s desire & support to aid the less fortunate.

Every year the scenario remains the same, not knowing what response will be forthcoming. But year after year we remain amazed and staggered and such generosity and good will. So whether it is 1 box or Thousands our commitment is to pass these mini lifelines to people in need.

Friday 20th November is the closing date and needless to say. All support in whatever form is welcome. Many thanks to Marian Harris from Cleveland and the first boxes to arrive. Knit & Natter Hailsham with more knitted goods on their way. Plus believe it or not, the offer of Dentist Chairs from Shetland which will be bound for Burkina Faso, Africa.

Yes it’s not just Shoeboxes, in date medicines, medical equipment and more… Thank you

How Can people Help.. Just get in touch. Tel: +44 01323 848588 email: website:

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Computer Donations Welcome

Computer donations are very welcome. Even more when companies also deliver as did the staff from Accountancy firm Caladine Ltd, Eastbourne this week. Thank you.

Also Lorna Marsh from Diligencia, Oxford with posting useful items. Thank you also and well done. It helps and does make a difference. Working computers are very much needed, Christmas Shoeboxes are also underway.

Plus memory for Laptops & Desktops required. DDR3 mainly if any of you boffs can help!

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Upcycling for Charities

Recycling, Upcycling, Reuse are words being pretty much one and the same. However, regardless it remains the right thing to do, for any items concerned and environmentally.

Sussex based charity, “Computers for Charities” remain pioneers in this field, with a track record of ground breaking experience spanning almost 30 years, and not limited to old computers!

Simon Rooksby founder says. This week has been wonderful to receive the donation of Hailsham’s “Food Bank” Van. Redundant following receipt of a larger donated vehicle to respond to the increasing need & support provided throughout all Food Banks across the UK & Worldwide! Thank you to Julie Coates Manager of Hailsham Food Bank & Trustees.

As for Computers for Charities, vehicle restoration is one of many projects the charity has undertaken over it’s potted history. Both providing added opportunities for volunteer support and skills learning. Then benefitting organisations & communities with access to varied transportation from tractors to motorbikes. Such is the variety  CfC has received over time.

A controversial article written by Simon, published in the Daily Telegraph motoring section. Challenged & criticised city folks 4 x 4 Chelsea Cruiser usage and led to a new program of renovating donated 4 X 4’s linked with Sussex Downs College, then shipping to developing countries as community transportation.

However more possibilities exist, including CfC’s annual Christmas Shoebox appeal aiding disadvantaged children & adults in the UK and Overseas. Or sharing a thought for the homeless, with a “kindness box”. The charity also accepts In date medication, blankets, warm clothing and medical equipment & supplies i.e: Wheelchairs, incontinence pads, female personal hygiene products, etc. All are needed.

Volunteering: Have you time to give?. Charities across the UK remain desperate for help at all levels. It just takes a call or email to make that difference!

And of course, computers. The need for working laptops, tablets and computers remains ongoing. During COVID, CfC literally has not stopped offering Local, UK and Worldwide support and equipment. 1000’s of enquiries answered and still coming in.

Upcycling makes a difference….

For further information or advice. Contact Simon. Tel: 01323 848588 email: website  

Hailsham Food Bank. Thank you

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Celebration of a Life:

Brian Gauntlett 1934 – 2020. Today 23rd September 2020  people will gather at Wealden Crematorium to celebrate the life of Brian Gauntlett, who sadly took his life 6th August at Birling Gap Cliffs, Sussex.

Suffering from inoperable cancer and experiencing increasing extreme pain. To Brian seemingly this appeared his only option left. This final journey began in December 2019. Despite attending Boots Opticians regularly for years, they never advised him of cataracts. Hence it was thanks to Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Elalfy, that firstly he was made aware of severe cataracts and also referred for a scan which detected a substantial and growing tumour behind his eye, hence his pain.

Combined with emotional loss of Kath his wife, married for 61 years who passed away in 2019 after a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease, these last years have been a struggle for Brian and Kath. A devoted couple.

Computers for Charities mourns the loss and remains saddened for Brian’s life to end in this way. Sadly despite calls for help over weeks and months, it proved to be too little too late and we trust lessons will be learnt from this tragic situation.

However Brian lived a life, National Service with the RAF took him to Singapore. 21 years as a Metropolitan Police Officer  provided exemplary service to the people of Deptford and surrounding areas.

Two sons and grandchildren are left, plus the invaluable contributions he has made in Hailsham over these past years.

Not bad for a young lad starting in life as a plumbers apprentice back then. When people bathed in tin baths and plumbers apprentices would mend the holes….Certainly not a throw away society as today.

He will be missed and we say thank you. For all you have given to us all in differing ways.

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Journeys End…

Journeys End; It’s good to be back, how long. That’s another question? Why do we do it & wants in it for you.

It’s all about making a difference in whatever way, and surely is it not better to give than receive.

Often it is not until you move out of your comfort zone that you are able to see the bigger and truer picture. It is not necessary to travel thousands of miles to far off, developing countries.

Need and benefit can be provided on your own door stop. Did you know, many people in Eastern Europe lack running water, electricity and access to medical assistance….. In the UK and other Western European countries, certainly we remain fortunate. For many, they no other way.

So I ask. Please do not complain about inconvenience at this time. Try not to take for granted what we actually have….. It’s a whole lot more than the world majority.

So yes, hopefully with your support for the Computers for Charities, Christmas Shoebox Appeal to benefit children and the Elderly.. We will be back on the road locally and across Europe in December..

Thank you


Simon Rooksby – Chairman CfC


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