CfC Christmas Shoebox Appeal Underway

Computers for Charities Christmas Shoebox appeal got underway this weekend. Thanks to the continuing generosity of the good folk of Lowhill in Wolverhampton.

Many years back, they turned the tide from Shoeboxes to gift bags.. And this year yet again, The Good Shepherd Church, Lowhill have come up trumps.

The photo dates back to 2007. Sadly many faces have passed on. However if you look closely at the rear right. You get a glimpse of my dear old Pa. 91 on 26th November.

Well done Lowhill people and thank your such longstanding support & Love.


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Reskilling our Communities

Computers for Charities is providing a certificated Level 2 standard Computer refurbishment training course.

To be held in Eastbourne for local people seeking to reskill. This course developed by CfC, requires a commitment to attend 10 sessions, 2 days per week over 5 weeks.

Spaces are limited with a deadline for applications of 30th November 2021.

For more information, including application form. Email: or Tel: 01323 848588.

This first course is offered without charge. Disability access is limited, however no age limit

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Supporting the Voluntary Sector Low Cost IT

Computers for Charities. Operating since 1994 a charity aiding Charities and Voluntary Organisations across the UK & Worldwide.

Free advice and support we offer to organisations and low cost computer equipment. All funds raised to aiding the wider voluntary sector.

Some examples of our low cost equipment, complete with full software and warranty or check the website.

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Charities are part of a strong British Heritage dating back to 597AD.

Now more than ever Charities & Voluntary Organisation are desperate for Volunteers. Yes Volunteers, people of all ages & abilities wanting to give something back or possibly wanting to develop new skills.

Computers for Charities based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Is just one of those? COVID being just one factor to reduce many organisations ability to fully function.

Here at our workshop, I certainly would welcome more assistance our workshops to aid the many organisations we assist locally, nationally and internationally not just with computers but a whole range of support.

As with our forthcoming Christmas Shoebox appeal. Or admin assistant to share the load in the office.

Training is available where required. Commitment is open ended with flexibility always in mind. Regardless of your age or ability.

Please consider giving CfC a hand, give me a call Simon Tel 01323 848588 Monday to Friday or email. and help us make a difference.

Thank you. Simon

Simon Rooksby Chairman Computers for Charities

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Thanks and well done to Fran & Jonathan from Asbastos College Valencia during there Ersamus experience with Computers for Charities.

Their clip is in Spanish.

But people may recognise places / people in their film

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Northern Grit

110 employees of an automotive factory in the North East of England face company close down and unemployment this Christmas.

Regardless of their own future and uncertainty they are opting to support Computers for Charities, Christmas Shoebox appeal to benefit disadvantaged Children, Elderly and Homeless.

Talk of Northern Grit, this action speaks volumes. Thank you.

So now is the time to get in touch and get on board. Schools, Business and individuals and lets make a difference in other people’s lives this Christmas.

For more information. Please give me a call. Simon Rooksby

Computers for Charities. Tel: 01323 848588 or email.


Thank You    

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Broad Band Ruse

Broadband scandal ! Despite at least 20% of UK homes still lacking direct broadband access by choice or design. Choice is now decided by landline suppliers as they now charge for broadband regardless of personal preference.

Whilst many remote and not so remote locations, including here in Eastbourne suffering intermittent connectivity.

Computers for Charities is an organisation not compelled by computers. But people, hence “Passionate about people” is our by word. Community Pastoral support being just one aspect of CfC’s regular activities.

This weekend when visiting Mrs B a widow and octogenarian, we found her to be totally distraught regarding her latest telephone bill from landline supplier Talk, Talk.

Incredibly her bill had doubled given new additional charges for fibre broadband, despite here ongoing request of not having a need or desire for broadband.

We contacted Talk Talk about this arbitrary decision and Talk Talk handlers confirmed this to be the company’s policy. No we no longer supply Landline only packages and was unable to offer an alternative, and for those on low income, etc.

This is a dire state of affairs.

Just two suppliers provide Landline only packages. BT & Virgin Media but sadly maybe only until 2025, as the industry seeks to transfer all telecoms over to digital.

Reminiscent of 2012 when TV coverage changed from analogue to digital.

What of Mrs B. Put up or shut up basically is the answer. Changing suppliers will cost £70 not of her choosing or see phone bills double.

Sadly Ofcom the UK’s telephone watch dog remain silent on this one and as to Talk Talk, when a gesture of good will was suggested. They declined

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Teddy Bear Restorer Needed!

Can anyone Help.

Looking for a Teddy Bear restorer to rejuvenate a 1935 Chad Valley Teddy bear… My Mum’s who is now approaching 90…

Teddy is now very worn, stuffing coming out and needing an overhaul. Loved by at least two generations and hopefully passing onto 4th generation great granddaughter Little Daisy!

Any contact information welcome. Plus photo here of one of two brothers (John)..

Yes these Yorkshire folk are long livers

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Moving On

Renault Master 2006 15 Seater Minibus. White. 108175 miles. 2463cc, Tow bar with electrics. Minibus has been totally overhauled. Speed limiter installed 62mph. Seats removable. Numbers could be reduced, vehicle suitable for conversion and limiter disabled. Now surplus to the charities needs and offers welcome. (image supplied for illustration)

Also used Panasonic PT-DZ10K projectors 10600ANSI lumens DLP WUXGA (1920×1200) with ET-D75LE10 lens. Current list price for this projector is £28,000 & lens £3000. Please note these projectors are very powerful & suited for large hall or auditorium areas. Offers welcome.

Call Simon 01323 848588 or email: Items are located in Eastbourne, East Sussex

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Computers for Charities Update

Bulgaria. Congratulations to Rod & Nina Johnson – 53 year married.

Hailsham. Thanks to Knit & Natter with even more knitted goods. Donations of wool to keep them going are welcome.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal is Underway.. Well done to Ruth rallying support on Shetland. (Good luck with this one!)

Noo Dan Fokk, 

I wiz in da shop on da street buying peerie bars o soap fur my Mam tae takk tae Wastview . (She his made up aboot 20 peerie bags for da shoebox appeal an its no even August yit!) 

 I spakk tae da lasses about shampoo bars as we ken dat dey are such a great idea. 

Quar needs a dis plastic trash? 

Da lasses said dey wide ‘be comin shun’ . 

Lang lippened!!! 

Is der onny chance at you widd think to do wan o dis ‘ buy wan, gi wan’ schemes? 

It wid be winderful if fokk could supply da Lerrik Foodbank wi a scheme likk dat and we keyn at dey last much longer as yun trash bottles! 

If you widd likk tae tink about it and you did get more shampoo or soap as fokk could uus at hame;  we widd be affil blyde to takk some oot tae Bulgaria at Christmas time quar da fokk dunna hae da sam as we it want wi.

Let Wiz keyn quitt your tochts ir?

Tanks tae you an every blissin


Support: But yes we need your support to encourage the children with Cancer in Romania, handicapped children at Novi Pazar in Bulgaria. Long term patients suffering chronic Mental Health in Serbia and the elderly both in UK & Overseas.

Churches, Clubs, Individuals, Companies we would love to hear from you.. Many thanks.


Simon Rooksby – Computers for Charities

Website or email: Admin Tel: 01323 848588

Registered Charity No: 1107802

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