Lets not be distracted or discouraged by the events of the world as it would wish. These dear children at Novi Pazar are beautiful… Whilst some use the word disabled… I say gifted and are some that benefit from the CfC Shoebox appeal. Such things we can affect, lets no forget….

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VideoLog Help wanted


VLOG Help.. Maybe you have seen a TV program called Last Man standing… Part of what he does is a Video Log and to this I would value some help.. If there is anyone can assist me and Computers for Charities with setting up such a thing… To help us advise and raise social awareness and also practical help… We encounter a whole range of issues that people are struggling with or do not know how to approach and as at present following the motorbike accident the ways of insurance companies and finding when that day comes.. that protection is not quite what you thought… Hence we like to share the tale of Carole Nash Insurance.. Banking, health and other areas that might be helpful to viewers.. If you might be able to help with production. Please get in touch. Thank you. Simon

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Broken but not beaten

On the 15th November it was a sad day for the CfC motorbike and today 29th Dec it was time for the CfC Van… 200,000 miles travelled and 13 years carrying Christmas Shoeboxes. And now broken down in Austria, we so nearly crossed the German border…. But not today

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Well done!

Life does not stand still. Thank you giving the support to aid some along the way. with this years Christmas Shoebox appeal..But also for those out here at the sharp end trying to bring light and life into peoples hearts and lives. Wherever that maybe…. Bless you all and thank you. Simon

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The big Freeze

Weather has proved a challenge this year with snow and freezing temperatures slowing down progress.. But all is well and distribution underway.. Bruno the Romania Sheep dog, Certainly does not struggle with the cold.. -15c in places

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Merry Christmas

Kathy & Rowland Jenkins with Julie at the Hailsham Food bank. Kathy & Rowland are a great couple and every year this team of two are the ones that sort and collate the shoeboxes…..Nice and simple and it works. So well done everybody for your support and Monday 17th is departure day with the rest of the shoeboxes and bits & bobs for Eastern Europe.. Knit & Natter Hailsham have been fantastic… Thank you all and Merry Christmas. Photo0134

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Thank You

On behalf of Computers for Charities. I would wish to thank you for your amazing support of our annual Christmas Shoebox Appeal which has been ongoing since 1992.
Such things do make a difference and are appreciated and this year it has been phenomenal in not just the interest but the diversity of support.
Thus far we have been able to send aid to Syria and Kenya, provide support to homeless and Foodbanks and next week the long journey begins into Eastern Europe and real areas of disadvantage and poverty.
We wish you a merry and restful Christmas, but above all. Well done and thank you.



Simon Rooksby

Computers for Charities

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