10 Years and more

Brayford. North Devon.. For 10 years this lovely village has supported the Shoebox appeal, and this year no exception. A village and a community that gives so warmly. Thanks to allcharles

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Willington Prep School Support

Well done and thank you to Ms Burns, Year one Teacher and pupils at Willington Independent Preparatory School, Wimbledon for such great support with our Christmas Shoebox appeal. Its just fantastic at what they have achieved and will be much appreciated. Thank you WILLINGTON INDEPENDENT PREPARATORY SCHOOL

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Not just Computers but aiding…..

It is a big thank you to the Ladies & Gents of Knit & Natter in Hailsham. 1000 items including blankets, Childrens jumpers, Hats & Scarves is amazing. Plus hot water bottle covers to come to hand out for the homeless shortly.. They need wool, so please any surplus send it in… Or drop off to me. Well done all.

These amazing items will be distributed locally and added to consignments going out to Kenya and Eastern Europe…… Computer donations are also needed as well as woolKnit & Natter

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Christmas Shoebox Appeal gets underway

Well done and thanks to Liz and all at the Grange with the first delivery of Christmas Shoeboxes for our annual appeal to assist Vulnerable Children & The Elderly this Christmas….. Its a great start and also we wish Liz well with her operation next month and a good recovery. Big Thank you’s…. Amazing The Grange

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Interesting People

The next incredible people are Rod & Nina. They gave up home and links to pastor a Church in Bulgaria later in life. And it may seem strange to some folk that they do not get paid either and this has been the way for nigh on 15 years. We first met this couple in 2005 but again their work and support in the community has not been without challenges but regardless they persevere. Novi Pazar caters for children with learning and physical disabilities. Again poorly supported plus another facility for the care of the elderly to which these two diamonds and their members assist and support.. We will come to Novi Pazar in a few days……!rod & nina

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What if ?

This lady is an inspiration. We met her in 2004 as the doctor in charge of an Institution for people suffering Mental Illness. 6 Nurses, 1 Doctor caring for 500 people… Having for many years been told this institution had closed down. My curiosity got the better of me, and lo and behold the dear doctor is still working hard. Back then the hospital did not have linen for beds, often wages did not get paid and funding well. We remain so fortunate in the UK & West to have the provision currently experienced. She is remarkable, does not complain but continues to give this vital work her all…. The question I pose is what could be done to give a boost to patients and staff this Christmas? Dr Vukovic

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Computers for Charities

IMG_0948 lo

Computers for Charities has been going for a good few years. Primarily supporting Charities, Churches, Schools with IT advice and support.

Hence as the name says, we certainly need companies, colleges, etc to continue donating their PC’s & Macs. CfC is a genuine not for profit..

Neither myself or the other Volunteers get paid or recieve expenses, with all financial support fully aiding the work and support given out.

But thats not the whole story. It is not about the money, but people and that’s where our Passionate about People message comes from, the Volunteers are amazing and come from all backgrounds and situations and also the people we meet, support and organisations that get assisted…

This is our passion and this we will share with you over the next days and weeks. Our crew as you can see with a couple of exceptions is certainly mature and continues to perform vital roles within the community and this organisation.

Well done and thank you.. Yes we do need more blood for varying positions for which all are welcome.

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