Motorcycle Legacy

new livery lo res

2017 Saw a new look for the tired Old BMW. Same bike but new look thanks to John Kimble Graphic Design, Chili Graphics and Chandlers BMW Portslade. The journeys and travel continue across the UK and out into Eastern Europe as requests and support is given by the charity.

Sadly this came to an end 15th November 2018 in Brighton.. Simply a car pulled out of a junction and that was that….. Scrap!

It has been thanks to companies such as these in keeping the wheels turning that made much possible and provided opportunities to assist many. Thank you and well done.

2010 saw the launch of the charities BMW motorcycle project.The project came together following the unexpected and anonymous donation of a 1995 BMW R1100RS tourer at the charity’s Sussex base.

Apart from the fact that the charities chairman had not ridden a motorcyle in over 20 years, few people were aware of his preference for BMW’s.

The donation has enabled Simon Rooksby, founder and Chairman of Computers for Charities to visit wide ranging organisations and projects seeking to benefit from the charity’s support. Not just across the UK but further afield covering much of  Western and Eastern Europe.

Other partners that have made the trip possible include BMW and Motorrad, providing  panniers and clothing plus Brighton based BMW Chandlers, a local dealership who service the bike to ensure it’s roadworthiness for the extensive journeys it undertakes.

The inagural trip in May 2010 involved a 5,500 motorcycle tour taking him to parts of Southern, Eastern and mainland Europe.

Back then, that initial ride through Eastern and Southern Europe required an early start from Hailsham at 6 am on the Thursday morning. Simon crossed to Calais at 7am and then drive more than 700 miles to reach Milan for an overnight stop.

Simon then headed to Ancona to cross the Adriatic Sea by ferry to arrive in Albania. Visiting a children’s project in Lezhe providing technical support and equipment updates. Then on to visit the School of Light for two days, a project for blind children that he personally helped to set up in 2008.  Back to the ferry and returning to Italy it was a 300 mile drive to Turin. Meeting local groups seeking support from Computers for Charities .

The final leg of the tour involved riding across to France and Cannes for an overnight stop, then straight on to Almeiria in Spain again to meet local community groups seeking to develop educational programmes to aid development of local communities. Just 2 days in Almeiria and then onto to Bilbao to get the ferry back to Portsmouth.

And on it goes. Despite the old bike being regularly off the road for ongoing major repairs, support was made possible.

Please support our drive for greater opportunities, with your unwanted computer equipment, mobile phones and financial support for more information click here

Thank you very much for your support!


1 Response to Motorcycle Legacy

  1. rufuswhynot says:

    Way to go Simon! That is the spirit of adventure in action. You rock Brother! Looking forward to your updates. Be blest and drive safely. r?

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