The Link

Community Hub 28th January 10 – 1pm

What’s going on in and around Hailsham, East Sussex. Come along and meet some of the organisations offering support to aid our community.

Interested in Volunteering or supporting financially. Organisations attending include the Link Coffee shop & Computers for Charities.

We look forward to meeting you. Location: Hailsham Parish Church Saturday 28th January 10am – 1pm.

A last hour rescue bid is underway as Sussex Charity Computers for Charities launches a public appeal to safeguard the future for numerous adults with learning, living in the Hailsham area.

CfC is seeking support to raise £475,000 to enable the Link Coffee Shop, North Street, Hailsham to be put into a trust and secure its future

Owners of the premises & managers Ron & Kay Timms an amazing couple who have spent the last year seeking a solution for their retirement 31st December 2022. To date without success!

The Link Coffee Shop has operated for almost 30 years providing an invaluable sanctuary for the people of Hailsham and the many adults suffering disability who have benefitted from sheltered placements within the coffee shop.

Chairman Simon Rooksby says. It would be disastrous for the people and town if this place was to close. Hence we are picking up the gauntlet at this time to ensure its future.

Sadly for decade’s government cut backs have decimated accessible support to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities across the UK. It needs to stop!

Our hope is, with this property secured, development can then be offered to aid more people. Secondly to provide an encouragement for other communities what can be achieved with mutual support?

Time is running out, support is urgently needed today to protect all concerned. To that end donations can be made via Just Giving

Please help us by spreading the word and get people to dig deep into their pockets and save this project to secure a future for these people.

Thank you

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