Ukraine Appeal

Sussex based charity “Computers for Charities” is responding to the Ukrainian conflict with an appeal for Survival Boxes for distribution in Eastern Europe for displaced citizens from Ukraine across Poland, Slovakia, Hungary & Romania.

London based company Mime Cast paved the way, with a donation of 150 boxes containing personal care items to aid the thousands of displaced people streaming across the borders.

Computers for Charities is no stranger to conflict, since 1994 having worked and supported projects in many war torn countries.

CfC Chairman & Founder. Simon Rooksby says. “Whilst our politicians do their best, it remains our duty to aid the vulnerable & disadvantaged. Certainly this situation provides such a time of real need for generosity”

In tandem with appeals for donations of Rescue Boxes, from individuals, schools and business.

The charity aims to operate a mobile soup kitchen across various crossing points in collaboration with local organisations within these countries. Especially given current weather conditions of snow and freezing temperatures.

Support of a donated LWB Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is needed, as soon as possible to enable this. (More so given the age & frailty of the charities current transport stock)

For more information or to support.

Contact Simon

Computers for Charities. email:

Tel: 01323 848588 Website

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