Public Health Warning. A ticking bomb

Charity Chief warns of a ticking time bomb in UK homes. Chairman of Computers for Charities Simon Rooksby, based in Sussex is warning UK households of potential risks from tap water.

Yes the water we drink from our taps at home each day, and no. It’s not another cranky theory. But something that is real, not recognised by medical services. Particularly can effects children and left a legacy for the elderly. Whilst not reported in building surveys.

Over 8 million properties, mainly pre-war 1939, continue to receive their water supply through lead pipe work. Which connects and runs from the mains supply to properties.

Pipework which is the responsibility of home owners, not water companies. 8 million is representative of 30% of current UK properties.

Long term the effects of lead absorption are not to be taken lightly. And certainly are not be filtered out by conventional home water filters.

Treatment is not possible, but a simple blood test can be taken to check any potential lead levels in the blood.

Having worked in the area of Mental Health since 1980, including running Memory clinics to diagnose dementia. Simon Says:

Lead is not an area we ever considered or have been aware of within the medical profession regarding links to Dementia, or for that other medical conditions. Given we all presume our drinking water to be safe!

For Simon it only come to light with his own parents. 91 year old father & 89 year old mother. Both diagnosed with dementia, living in a modest South London 1920’s 3 bed semi since 1968. 50 years of a ticking clock.

An easy check to see whether your home water supply is safe. Check the water pipe connection at the stop cock. Today water supply uses plastic, prior copper then pre-war lead.

Water companies are not responsible for water pipe work on private property, but can advise. However given the scale of the issue presented.

New Legislation is urgently required to address this hazard, in order to safeguard present & future generations.

Medical services need to be aware also and factor in, with all and any health assessments of prolonged lead exposure.

Because to date, nobody has asked or even considered this!

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