Rescue / Survival Boxes

Hats off to Mimecast in London for sending us 150 Rescue Boxes for us to distribute to aid the homeless in the UK.

Beachy Head Eastbourne once represented the world’s 3rd most popular location for suicide.

Since the introduction of the Beachy Head Chaplaincy team. Numbers of suicide deaths have dramatically dropped, with numerous lives saved. But more importantly people and families provided with the help required. Well done and thank you.

Many folk arrive at Beachy Head from all over and often with nothing. These Rescue Boxes provide further tools for the Chaplaincy team to use, as they walk the cliffs 365 days per year and in all weathers.

For any other organisations involved with support of the homeless. And would like a quantity of Rescue boxes. Which contain an emergency pack of toiletries, etc.

Highest suicide levels are recorded as Greenland, followed by Europe. Lowest Eastern Mediterranean!


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