End of the Old & Start of the New

Computers for Charities Volunteers are having a welcome break until 10th January, after another yet another busy and hectic year.

Supporting needs far & wide. But its not over just yet. Our last load of Christmas shoeboxes leaves a little late. Bound for Romania, Bulgaria & Serbia. This Wednesday 29th December in time for the Orthodox Christmas January 7th.

Many thanks to all those that have supported. Especially all those at ZF Automotive UK Ltd as all have also lost their jobs with the company closure. Thank you also to Mimecast in London. 150 Rescue boxes supplied to hand out to people living on the streets.

And of course thank you to the many companies big & small that continue to donate good quality working computer equipment. It has been phenomenal.

British Car Auctions are just one such company. Thus far donating over 1000 working and up to date Desktops, Towers & Laptops so far.

Thank you all and well done.


Simon Rooksby – Chairman Computers for Charities

Ps.. Needless to say. Without your support. All the benefits gained by communities & Organisations worldwide since 1994 would not have been possible.

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