A Right to Life

On Friday 26th November Dad reached the grand age of 91. On the same day, both he and Mum were discharged from Lewisham Hospital after an admission for falls then testing positive for COVID.

The upshot on their return home, both found to be suffering from dehydration, impacted due to severe constipation and skin broken down.

Then later found in addition to have oral thrush, and now weeks later is still not eating or drinking.

It was a frantic week, following their return to adapt their home and get the services required by both my folks & carers to aid them. As no preparation or organisation had been made. A typical Friday discharge.

All of this leaves me speechless as to what has changed within our NHS to allow such treatment of the elderly and disadvantaged and remains tantamount to neglect.

Certainly for myself and fellow nursing colleagues difficult to grasp.

Tomorrow 22nd December is the closing date for the proposed Scottish bill regarding assisted suicide. https://righttolife.org.uk/assistedsuicideconsultation

Having heard countless tales across the UK of similar experiences to ours of loved ones in hospitals and care homes, not just during this COVID time. It would appear an unsaid assisted suicide of the elderly & vulnerable has been ongoing for longer than we realise and ask the question WHY?

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