Broad Band Ruse

Broadband scandal ! Despite at least 20% of UK homes still lacking direct broadband access by choice or design. Choice is now decided by landline suppliers as they now charge for broadband regardless of personal preference.

Whilst many remote and not so remote locations, including here in Eastbourne suffering intermittent connectivity.

Computers for Charities is an organisation not compelled by computers. But people, hence “Passionate about people” is our by word. Community Pastoral support being just one aspect of CfC’s regular activities.

This weekend when visiting Mrs B a widow and octogenarian, we found her to be totally distraught regarding her latest telephone bill from landline supplier Talk, Talk.

Incredibly her bill had doubled given new additional charges for fibre broadband, despite here ongoing request of not having a need or desire for broadband.

We contacted Talk Talk about this arbitrary decision and Talk Talk handlers confirmed this to be the company’s policy. No we no longer supply Landline only packages and was unable to offer an alternative, and for those on low income, etc.

This is a dire state of affairs.

Just two suppliers provide Landline only packages. BT & Virgin Media but sadly maybe only until 2025, as the industry seeks to transfer all telecoms over to digital.

Reminiscent of 2012 when TV coverage changed from analogue to digital.

What of Mrs B. Put up or shut up basically is the answer. Changing suppliers will cost £70 not of her choosing or see phone bills double.

Sadly Ofcom the UK’s telephone watch dog remain silent on this one and as to Talk Talk, when a gesture of good will was suggested. They declined

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