Computers for Charities Update

Bulgaria. Congratulations to Rod & Nina Johnson – 53 year married.

Hailsham. Thanks to Knit & Natter with even more knitted goods. Donations of wool to keep them going are welcome.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal is Underway.. Well done to Ruth rallying support on Shetland. (Good luck with this one!)

Noo Dan Fokk, 

I wiz in da shop on da street buying peerie bars o soap fur my Mam tae takk tae Wastview . (She his made up aboot 20 peerie bags for da shoebox appeal an its no even August yit!) 

 I spakk tae da lasses about shampoo bars as we ken dat dey are such a great idea. 

Quar needs a dis plastic trash? 

Da lasses said dey wide ‘be comin shun’ . 

Lang lippened!!! 

Is der onny chance at you widd think to do wan o dis ‘ buy wan, gi wan’ schemes? 

It wid be winderful if fokk could supply da Lerrik Foodbank wi a scheme likk dat and we keyn at dey last much longer as yun trash bottles! 

If you widd likk tae tink about it and you did get more shampoo or soap as fokk could uus at hame;  we widd be affil blyde to takk some oot tae Bulgaria at Christmas time quar da fokk dunna hae da sam as we it want wi.

Let Wiz keyn quitt your tochts ir?

Tanks tae you an every blissin


Support: But yes we need your support to encourage the children with Cancer in Romania, handicapped children at Novi Pazar in Bulgaria. Long term patients suffering chronic Mental Health in Serbia and the elderly both in UK & Overseas.

Churches, Clubs, Individuals, Companies we would love to hear from you.. Many thanks.


Simon Rooksby – Computers for Charities

Website or email: Admin Tel: 01323 848588

Registered Charity No: 1107802

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