Help us to Recycle Plastic Waste & Protect our Environment

Globalists, Environmentalists have told us. Plastics are poisoning our world.

Sussex charity, Computers for Charities is one of the guilty party but seeking to change that.

Chairman – Simon Rooksby says.

Reuse is a good thing and since 1994, the charity has stopped literally1000’s tonnes becoming immediate waste, through reuse. However a time come for all things.

That time is end of life!

The most problematic factor for CfC has been Plastics. Computers screens, laptop cases, etc. But the charity wants to change this, and launches it’s appeal through crowd funder.

Starting, Midday April 1st to raise funds for the purchase of a plastic granulator. Not cheap. £30,000 but the return alone, is a start on reducing plastic waste which currently goes into landfill.

Not biodegradable, leaching our soil and polluting our water table.

Simon says. The charity wants to get it right, but we need help and support. There has been no funding or support to enable this..

We know because we have tried for so many years.

In addition it is hoped purchase of this machinery will provide sheltered employment & training opportunities locally then aid roll out of similar projects further afield.

Why landfill? Because companies won’t take it. They demand processed raw plastic for reuse. Which is granulated plastic processed into pellet format.

It’s a start and folk can help make a difference by supporting this initiative through the Crowd Funder web page.


For more information or to support. Contact Simon. Tel: 01323 848588 email: web

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