Make a Difference Updated

Photo – donated laptop (Sent from Falkland Island 7899 miles travelled to Sussex)  

As both BBC & Daily Mail run Laptop appeals for schools. 6.7 million Children (5 -15 years) across the UK are requiring internet access, enabling mandatory home schooling for COVID measures.

Sussex based charity. Computers for Charities is one of many organisations across the country offering support to schools.

Chairman Simon Rooksby says “Historically the charity has had a strong input into education and it has been great to receive so many enquiries & requests for support over the past weeks.

However, sadly both BBC & Daily Mail have failed to do their homework!”

CfC has spent much time researching the needs of the schools, including contact with county councils to gain actual need & requirements.

It is good news in Eastbourne, East Sussex, with schools reporting no problems in providing equipment for Eastbourne students primary & secondary levels. Being well prepared for potential school closures ahead of the announced time.

Elsewhere in the country the situation remains variable, but in the main positive. Schools advise laptops are NOT what is required, more suitable equipment being as  Google Chrome Book, Tablets.(still required for schools remaining under resourced)

Also CfC Volunteers have risen to the challenge, developing compatible equipment to enable this countries children maintain educational access.

Computers for Charities is offering advice & support to schools, and welcomes any enquiries for support / assistance country wide.

Contact Karen: email Tel: 01323 848588. Web:  


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