Informed Decisions

In all things. It remains our responsibility alone to make clear judgements and the right decisions. Sh

ould we choose and make effort, information is available to aid this. Not long ago, Tony Blair former Prime Minister assured Britain’s people of weapons of massed destruction, which cost lives and totally destabilised nation. This information proved to be false.

COVID 19 is not a conspiracy, it does exist and has cost lives. Many people now will be weighing up to have a vaccine, which for some this will be a help.

However it is not the panacea for all viruses, as with Cancer there will be many forms. It is sad, that the same level of investment undertaken here, has not contributed to the reduction of Ebola, Cerebral Maleria, TB, Typhoid. But the thing that has not been said, not all die from contracting COVID.

Annually around 9% of the worlds population contract flu. But not all die.

Using statistics from across Europe, which currently where I am, as I travel across Europe with our annual Christmas Shoebox appeal for children & Elderly. I can give you the figures….

In the United Kingdom of those testing positive for COVID. This represents  0.02575757575% of our population of 66 million people across Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

We all will know people in this position. Those sadly that have died from the condition represent 0.00093081818%

Finally the chances of catching COVID or risk factor remains similar throughout Europe, as with all these statistics at 0.03613764699%.

This is a serious matter, but sadly fear & anxiety have taken root. In part thanks to our media. So take heart and for those with faith. Remember God casts out all fear….

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