STOP Police

Todays thought is for our Police force. Back in 1955 my mum, newly married lobbied her MP saying; it’s well over time this government improved pay & conditions for its employees. Living in a rat infested flat and only able to afford food for 6 days on her husband’s Police constable earning’s. (Yorkshire my mum!)

Reform came and conditions did improve, not just for Policeman but across the services for a time. Over the last 30 years, various governments have asset stripped these services. Local Police stations closed, actual policing levels reduced. As also with hospital beds, now 50% less. Yesterday I remained speechless at the brazenness and lawlessness of 3 young shoplifters in South London. Then later driving back to Sussex, perplexed to see would be young footballers practicing under the floodlights of outdoor pitches (parents watching from the side-lines?). Whilst  the vulnerable & older population undergoes safe distancing & shielding in combination with lack of service support and of course limited resources.

Possibly a suggestion here for Mr Johnson & Mr Hancock to burn the script and get into the real world?  Then maybe the Police could Police, Nurses could Nurse and so forth!

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