Feed the Hungry!

Well done to the many organisations providing varying support in our towns, cities & Villages across the country and Worldwide.

Whilst we remain familiar with Food Banks, etc. However there are more besides undertaking such support in communities. Holy Trinity, Lennard Rd, Beckenham being one providing food for the homeless not just in COVID but 5 years solidly.

Feed the Hungry, Hinckley another amazing group providing local support and worldwide. Hence our visit last week to pass on lovingly knitted blankets for needy folk overseas.

Thanks to dedicated knitters as with Knit & Natter, Hailsham, The Grange, Uckfield and more… Such gifts can be sent to real places of need. And it’s not just blankets or shoeboxes..

What do you do when offered a bank of Dentist chairs and sterilizers? The answer is! Make sure they get to places of benefit.

So thanks to Northward Ltd, Shetland with aiding the transportation. These chairs will get a new life and provide real benefits to hospitals in Burkina Faso and Uganda. Aiding Medaid in Uganda and Feed the Hungry even further…..  

Simply by working together and supporting each other. Look how much more can be achieved! Well done all

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