Upcycling for Charities

Recycling, Upcycling, Reuse are words being pretty much one and the same. However, regardless it remains the right thing to do, for any items concerned and environmentally.

Sussex based charity, “Computers for Charities” remain pioneers in this field, with a track record of ground breaking experience spanning almost 30 years, and not limited to old computers!

Simon Rooksby founder says. This week has been wonderful to receive the donation of Hailsham’s “Food Bank” Van. Redundant following receipt of a larger donated vehicle to respond to the increasing need & support provided throughout all Food Banks across the UK & Worldwide! Thank you to Julie Coates Manager of Hailsham Food Bank & Trustees.

As for Computers for Charities, vehicle restoration is one of many projects the charity has undertaken over it’s potted history. Both providing added opportunities for volunteer support and skills learning. Then benefitting organisations & communities with access to varied transportation from tractors to motorbikes. Such is the variety  CfC has received over time.

A controversial article written by Simon, published in the Daily Telegraph motoring section. Challenged & criticised city folks 4 x 4 Chelsea Cruiser usage and led to a new program of renovating donated 4 X 4’s linked with Sussex Downs College, then shipping to developing countries as community transportation.

However more possibilities exist, including CfC’s annual Christmas Shoebox appeal aiding disadvantaged children & adults in the UK and Overseas. Or sharing a thought for the homeless, with a “kindness box”. The charity also accepts In date medication, blankets, warm clothing and medical equipment & supplies i.e: Wheelchairs, incontinence pads, female personal hygiene products, etc. All are needed.

Volunteering: Have you time to give?. Charities across the UK remain desperate for help at all levels. It just takes a call or email to make that difference!

And of course, computers. The need for working laptops, tablets and computers remains ongoing. During COVID, CfC literally has not stopped offering Local, UK and Worldwide support and equipment. 1000’s of enquiries answered and still coming in.

Upcycling makes a difference….

For further information or advice. Contact Simon. Tel: 01323 848588 email: simon@computersforcharities.org website www.computersforcharities.org  

Hailsham Food Bank. Thank you

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