Celebration of a Life:

Brian Gauntlett 1934 – 2020. Today 23rd September 2020  people will gather at Wealden Crematorium to celebrate the life of Brian Gauntlett, who sadly took his life 6th August at Birling Gap Cliffs, Sussex.

Suffering from inoperable cancer and experiencing increasing extreme pain. To Brian seemingly this appeared his only option left. This final journey began in December 2019. Despite attending Boots Opticians regularly for years, they never advised him of cataracts. Hence it was thanks to Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Elalfy, that firstly he was made aware of severe cataracts and also referred for a scan which detected a substantial and growing tumour behind his eye, hence his pain.

Combined with emotional loss of Kath his wife, married for 61 years who passed away in 2019 after a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease, these last years have been a struggle for Brian and Kath. A devoted couple.

Computers for Charities mourns the loss and remains saddened for Brian’s life to end in this way. Sadly despite calls for help over weeks and months, it proved to be too little too late and we trust lessons will be learnt from this tragic situation.

However Brian lived a life, National Service with the RAF took him to Singapore. 21 years as a Metropolitan Police Officer  provided exemplary service to the people of Deptford and surrounding areas.

Two sons and grandchildren are left, plus the invaluable contributions he has made in Hailsham over these past years.

Not bad for a young lad starting in life as a plumbers apprentice back then. When people bathed in tin baths and plumbers apprentices would mend the holes….Certainly not a throw away society as today.

He will be missed and we say thank you. For all you have given to us all in differing ways.

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1 Response to Celebration of a Life:

  1. Lynda says:

    Rest in Peace Brian x

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