Journeys End…

Journeys End; It’s good to be back, how long. That’s another question? Why do we do it & wants in it for you.

It’s all about making a difference in whatever way, and surely is it not better to give than receive.

Often it is not until you move out of your comfort zone that you are able to see the bigger and truer picture. It is not necessary to travel thousands of miles to far off, developing countries.

Need and benefit can be provided on your own door stop. Did you know, many people in Eastern Europe lack running water, electricity and access to medical assistance….. In the UK and other Western European countries, certainly we remain fortunate. For many, they no other way.

So I ask. Please do not complain about inconvenience at this time. Try not to take for granted what we actually have….. It’s a whole lot more than the world majority.

So yes, hopefully with your support for the Computers for Charities, Christmas Shoebox Appeal to benefit children and the Elderly.. We will be back on the road locally and across Europe in December..

Thank you


Simon Rooksby – Chairman CfC


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