Sad News

We have received sad news regarding the unexpected death of one of our longest serving volunteers.

Brian Gauntlet has been one of our main stays for decades. Last year his wife Kath passed away, having been cared for by Brian for many years when suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

Earlier this year Brian was diagnosed with inoperable melanoma. A massive tumour lodged behind his eye and brain, causing great pain and varied symptoms. It remains both a shock and surprise to us all.

61 years of marriage, 86 years old and has been a fighter. He will be missed and a loss to many.

Hence it is skates on and heading back to Sussex. Last night well accommodated at Ellel Ministries East base on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary.

Thanks to Tamas & Angela Kovacs plus two great daughters. Picture is Tamas of course and their miracle child. Plus view from the front of their base across the lake and the village yonder… Very peaceful and idyllic. Thank you

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