Back On the Road

I guess the guys at Ashburnham felt their old mini bus was beyond repair. Hence CfC stepped in and aided with a replacement.

When their old 2006 vehicle was delivered to us, it had seen better days whilst totally unroadworthy. We like  a challenge and I believe most of our Volunteers had some involvement along the line in getting it back on the road. Including Pippa and steam cleaning the 15 seats, etc.

Currently I am on the buses first proper journey and have made it to Regensburg, Bavaria, whilst  en route to Budapest, Hungary. Cuj, Romania. Shumen, Bulgaria. Temperatures have soared, despite driving a vehicle restricted to 60mph / 110kmh it has done well.

COVID in Europe, you may ask. Eurotunnel at Folkestone was brimming with UK families with young children off on their holidays. France, Belgium, Holland, Germany are countries I passed through and observed.

An impression remains of UK throughout. Traffic and people in abundance, folk enjoying  leisure and shopping. Who can tell?… I just scratch my head trying  to sum it up.

Meanwhile:  Well done and thanks to Geoff & Kipp, finishing the wheelchair swing for the kids in Bulgaria.

Thanks also to “Knit & Natter” Hailsham, The Good Shepherd Church, Wolverhampton, Marian, Saltburn by the sea and many others in providing items to take on this journey to benefit  folk.

RegensbergThat good is being passed on, and also to where it is needed. Thank you and well done. Simon

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