A Near Catrostophe

A near catastrophe. 3rd August was witness to a near tragedy at Computers for Charities. For 3 years, we have asked a neighbouring company of the need for better storage for its materials. But NO. the workers are told to stack higher, closer with the result yesterday it all came down.

It could have been your child! or our volunteers in that place, at that time who was crushed and a life lost or permanent injury due to profit. Gods grace was evident yesterday, sadly just the Computers for Charities that copped it.

I implore anyone, do not let such things happen, speak up and out. And reduce opportunities for further tragedies to happen. In the UK we are fortunate to have bodies such as the Health & Safety Executive… Speak to them.

Elsewhere this just is not possible. It’s not just Black Lives that Matter, but all Life that is precious.

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2 Responses to A Near Catrostophe

  1. Lynda says:

    Hope you informed Health and Safety Simon! Thank goodness no one was hurt .

    • srooksby says:

      Most people are not happy rocking the boat. Especially with the job market being so unstable. But yes it has been reported to HSE. Today its business as usual with this company.. but next time. Whoe knows

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