Lest we forget

Lest we forget. As we spare a thought, certainly it is hats off to all the services keeping this country running, especially at this time.

Our NHS is doing a great job but has done so since its inception in 1948 and how different times were back then. But it is much more, our posties, refuse collectors, shop workers, Lorry drivers, Electric, Gas and the list goes on.. Well done to you all and thank you.

But the other side behind all this and Covid are the unseen, the Vulnerable, lonely, isolated and disadvantaged being supported by an army of volunteers, unnoticed and tirelessly helping to underpin the lost in our society in different ways.

Churches, Charities, Voluntary Organisations and faith groups. Currently call centres such as the Samaritans, UCB, Premier Radio are overwhelmed from the demand of folk crying out in desperation. Thank you to such people giving of themselves and without reward.

Computers for Charities also remains fortunate over many years to have solid support. Not just fixing old computers, but a wide range of skills and personalities. Some come for a short time and some as Brian, 15 years. Kath his wife only a year ago, Parkinson’s disease did not end her life but vulnerability did. Brian cared and supported Kath throughout their 60+ years of marriage, whilst giving his time to aid others. Just a few years back he received an award as Volunteer of the year. Which for Brian, was a real encouragement.

Sadly Brian will not be with us for much longer, as is the way. What was to be a simple cataract op, changed to inoperable, terminal cancer and is the way at present. The telephone consultation, then told days or weeks and left to ponder such news.

Please bare a thought not just for Brian as he reviews his life of 86 years, but much wider. Around us are other people, families, friends also facing a wide range of issues and not knowing where or who to turn, let us value what we have. For we are fortunate indeed.

PS.. Copy of letter published in Computer Active Magazine last week. To Brian, we say THANK YOU and well done. Good and faithful servant!

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