Thank you

I am not sure how you are doing through this current situation. But for me it is quite confusing. Waking up this morning and looking out my back door in Hailsham. It is the quiet that strikes you. Difficult to know what time or even what day it is.

I have a couple of thoughts for you. Often it is not until we lose something that we realise or even appreciate what it’s meaning is for us. Hence it is great that everyone is applauding the NHS. However the NHS is more than doctors and nurses, it takes a lot more skills to make any organisation function..

Is it only now that we fear we might need it, that the appreciation has come and also not just the NHS. Just think even wider now.. How do the systems work, how does the food get to the supermarket, where does it come from. The Police now we see them all around, does not that make you feel peace and safety… Our Postman, Refuse, water and the list goes on. So please give others a thought, whilst isolation is on us.

NHSThere are many making others also making the effort and sacrifice to maintain our comfort and well being. Certainly having worked within the NHS for many decades I do appreciate those that continue the service.. Possibly for those within the service now and for us in the past.. We would have appreciated this encouragement all along. Well done all.

Then think again.. It is quiet. For me as a charity worker, nurse and Pastor I have been privileged to travel and meet cultures and lifestyles. Hence give a thought to those other places which represent 80% of the worlds population. I said how quiet it is, but for others including myself and possibly people living around you. We are familiar with noise. The sound of weeping, distress and the broken hearted in places suffering war, disease and oppression. Let us think of what we have, not what is missing…. Lets understand and appreciate our situation, even the comfort many have, It could be so much worse. And say thank you…..

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