Corona Virus – A thought

Corona Virus seems to have taken over the worlds attention, however amidst the panic and fear spread from social media it is important to keep things in perspective, follow sensible guidelines and if possible take notice of the positive aspects

If you have to “self-isolate” then use the time to do things you are normally too busy to appreciate. Read a book (the Bible is a good place to start), listen to music, finish a project you started, get to know your friends and family better, spend time talking to others, enjoy the sunshine and signs of spring that are all around you.

Let’s also be aware of our neighbours, especially the vulnerable, who may need extra support at the moment or may be feeling lonely or anxious. Pick up the phone and check in with them

Please don’t panic buy or stockpile. Many people can’t afford to do this and so when they need basic supplies the shelves are empty.

At Computers for Charities we will be carrying on as normal. Praying for those who are ill, for the health care workers who are dealing with this and our government officials, with wisdom for decisions making.

CfC is offering practical support where practible. If you would like us to pray for you or you need practical help, please get in touch.

ETEjVBcXkAEodJg“ For the many Christians around the world, We put our trust in the God who created the universe and whose love is never ending”



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