Toyota! Not Just Cars

Think of the name Toyota and your thought may well be Cars. Toyota do much more to which Computers for Charities is grateful to Toyota Industries and Midac Batteries.

It was some years ago that Toyota Industries responded to a simple enquiry not with an answer but donated an Electric Pallet Lifter and has aided the charities work immeasurably. Once again, Toyota Industries and Midac Batteries have come up trumps with a new battery pack for the lifter.

Simon Rooksby Says: Now as back then, there was no way we could have afforded such a piece of equipment, which has revolutionised our operation with the handling and moving of donated equipment, let alone other activities as with container loading and so forth. Whilst also ensuring the safety for the Volunteers that make it all happen with a charity of this type.

Corporate sponsorship remains invaluable and vital for the survival of our charities and voluntary organisations

Computers for Charities has supported the community and environment since 1994. Turning the tide on waste and landfill usage, thousands of tonnes of toxic waste have effectively been reused or recycled suitably.

Plastic waste remains an ongoing and global issue, causing great concern to CfC in respect of electrical waste across the UK. To aid this, CfC is seeking a plastic granulator to provide more effective recycling services to Eastbourne and Wealden

For more information: Call Simon. Tel: 01323 848588 email: web:


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