Schools Shoebox Experience

Computers for Charities is opening it’s doors to Primary Schools and Youth groups over  to the weeks ahead to offer a hands on experience of the Christmas Shoebox appeal to young peopleSchools shoebox support.
Computers for Charities has been supporting, collecting and distributing the Christmas Shoebox since 1992.
The shoebox began as a response to provide encouragement and hope during the Bosnian conflict in 1990 and since has grown into an annual international phenomena.
Computers for Charities distributes to local projects assisting disadvantaged children and the elderly and further afield, including old folks homes, hospitals and orphanages in Eastern Europe.
Simon Rooksby – says: It is hoped by providing this experience to local children, it will provide a wider understanding of social issues in our communities, whilst also assisting, checking and packing shoe boxes and seeing where needs are, and why!
We remain encouraged by the interest from local schools in wanting to support the shoebox experience at the charities workshop in Eastbourne.
Computers for Charities welcomes further requests from Schools, Youth groups, etc. Please call: 01323 848588 or email Pippa.
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