Motorbikes are Go!

2010 saw the launch of the Computers for Charities motorbike from Chandlers BMW Brighton. Which clocked up almost 100,000 miles across the UK & Europe.

15th November ironically saw it’s end. One year to the day since an operation for heart Valve replacments and also ironically on this day, returning home following a Cardiac Outpatients appointment at Brighton’s – Royal Sussex County Hospital, to which I returned via A&E.

The Old bike was deemed a write off. However once again, an anonymous donor made it possible to replace, and so it was on the 22nd February 2019 the new CfC bike took flight…But only until 29th March, and again after a trip to Brighton, we were struck down and again returned to the Royal Sussex Hospital.

Insurance is an interesting phenomina and certainly with motorcycles, even when not at fault is  far from straightforward……. Over the weeks, it has been a write off, to be repaired, write off and on it goes…. However for me anyway.. the good news finally.

It is to be repaired and shortly back on the road and then hopefully an official launch…….. 100,00 miles.. well we will wait and see!


Chandlers BMW Brighton 2010 & 2019BMW RS1100 & BMW R1200RT

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1 Response to Motorbikes are Go!

  1. Mark Harris says:

    Well done Chandlers Brighton! Great community service.

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