Boiling Point

Boiling Point…. What on earth is going on within the UK. Food Bank requests are on the rise, roads and congestion getting worse. 7.5 Billion pounds a year are the estimates for lost revenue from congestion and now another charge in London for driving. 5 hour waits at Casualty, GP surgeries clogged.. A staggering recorded 1.5 million pounds per year lost from the NHS from fraud, and probably nearer to 10 and then echoed throughout the whole public sector of Police, Education, Local Government, Prisons, etc equated to nearer 100 billion pounds lining other peoples pockets rather than the intended.

Police are frustrated as they do not prosecute, it remains the domain of the Crown Prosecution service with only 10% of cases actually facing prosecution. The list goes on, retention in most of the services remains at it’s lowest and as yesterday speaking with two Police officers, services and people feel let down and at breaking point. Mental Health issues now and pressurise all the services, health, police and prisons which after two decades of austerity speak for themselves.

Such is a time, that State and Church are needed to heal a wounded Nation and it’s peoples, hence at this Easter time. May this be a turning point for all!

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