The Day the Mayor Visited

The day the Eastbourne Mayor came to visit, It was great to receive a visit from the Eastbourne Mayor Mrs Mattock at our Eastbourne workshop… The normal comment at such visits and expectation we find from folk is “ Surprise” We did not know what to expect and the scale of support provided, and again this was no exception.

2019 represents 25 years of support, locally, Nationally and Worldwide and as at the start remains the same. Unfunded and supported totally through the commitment of amazing Volunteers & Trustees, giving their time, skills and also some even financial support. But believe me, somehow and often a struggle. It all happens and quite often more.. Look at the website and see the journey. Thousands of organisations have been supported. Not just in the UK but over 106 countries worldwide, our vehicles are old and normally breaking down, but cover 1,000’s of miles and it happens.

Well done and thanks to all who assist and support and happy anniversary. Yep, Despite the odds, we are still here and long may it continue. Pioneers then and actually CfC are the ones that started all this recycling thing off… and others as with so many things have followed

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