Leonardo comes to Hailsham

da Vinci 2013

PHOTO – Left Antoine, Right Julien – Leonardo da Vinci work experience

Sadly not Leonardo Dicaprio but two work experience students from Normandy’s Lycee Louis Modeste Leroy have just completed four weeks work experience with Hailsham charity; Computers for Charities through the EU Leonardo da Vinci work experience program.

The Da Vinci program primarily enables EU students to gain short and long term work experience worldwide.

Simon Rooksby chairman says,  Computers for Charities has provided varying unfunded work and Voluntary experience for many years to local colleges, Princes Trust, Prison services, unemployed, disabled and retired folk across the county.

17 year old Antoine is studying design In France, and provided valuable creative input to aid the Computers for Charities stand at the forthcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed, whereas 18 year old Julien, who is studying I.T, provided great input at the charities Hailsham workshop.

For both students unfamiliar with the UK, let alone Hailsham there was much to learn, including the English language and food.

Simon says, “as many people are aware over the years Computers for Charities has become a diverse charity locally and wider afield, whose doors remain very much open to provide opportunities and experience where needed.”

For further information regarding work experience or volunteering, 16 – 99 years old please call: 01323 840641 or email simon@computersforcharities.org
· Computers for Charities is a charitable organisation established in 1994. In addition to providing refurbished computer equipment they also respond to requests for computer related help.

· Recycling for Charities was established in 2005. They can provide compliant disposal of electronic waste for a range of companies, in accordance with EU WEEE directives.

· Both organisations are based in Hailsham, East Sussex.
Simon Rooksby, Chairman
Email: simon@computersforcharities.org Tel: 01323 848588 (weekdays 9-5)
Web: www.computersforcharities.org and www.recyclingforcharities.org

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1 Response to Leonardo comes to Hailsham

  1. John Kimble says:

    Thanks bro… Good bit of info, and well done to the young men!

    Be good to see you.

    All the best with much love. John

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