Eastbourne Lifestyle Renault provide aid to Computers for Charities

Eastbourne Lifestyle Renault Trafic

Simon Rooksby receiving our new van from Scott Warner or Eastbourne Lifestyle

Hailsham based charity Computers for Charities have received a welcome boost from Eastbourne Renault dealership Lifestyle Eastbourne with a new vehicle to aid the charity’s numerous activities.

Back in August due to age and a serious MOT failure the charity was forced to let go of it’s longest-serving vehicle for scrappage.

Chairman Simon Rooksby says, “it was a tough experience for us to have to let go of this old workhorse, whilst we had the added challenge of how it could be replaced, especially given the limitation on our funds.
It has taken some months, however, thanks to Lifestyle Europe’s great support, this has now been made possible. Our new Renault Trafic is also aiding the charity as it launches a new area of service and support to the voluntary sector through “Recycling for Charities”, an off shoot of Computers for Charities. Recycling for Charities is offering IT recycling solutions primarily for the benefit of the Voluntary sector”

Simon says, “it was back in 2007 that new laws were introduced affecting the disposal and reuse of all electrical equipment. Whereas in the past charities, schools and hospitals have benefitted from various exemptions in respect of disposal this is now no longer the case as charges can be incurred.

Our hope is that Recycling for Charities will aid with this process whilst endeavouring to reduce costs for cash-strapped voluntary organisations as well as benefitting the environment.

The new van is currently receiving its first major road test as it collects warm clothing and Christmas shoeboxes in the South of France and Italy, for Computers for Charities annual Christmas appeal

For further information email: info@recyclingforcharities.org or call 01323 840641

Lifestyle Eastbourne can be found here

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